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Dr. Alan Goldberg

These are Unprecedented and Challenging Times


As Sports Performance Consultants, we’re here to help athletes, coaches and parents effectively manage stress, maintain their motivation, overcome fears, slumps and blocks, stay calm under competitive pressure and achieve peak performance! 



Do you want to learn to perform like a champion and develop mental toughness?



Do you want your athletes to stay calm and composed under competitive pressure?



Do you know the best thing to say to your athlete before an event or after a failure?

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We Help You Develop Mental Toughness

Our Peak Performance Consultants, Dr. Alan Goldberg and his daughter, Sara Vatore are experts in helping athletes worldwide and at every level achieve peak performance. Whether your goal is to get unstuck, motivated, develop self-confidence, or overcome debilitating sports performance anxiety or slumps, we have a proven track record and the experience to help you take your sport to the next level!

Through our mental toughness training products and 1:1 sessions, we specialize in helping athletes overcome sports fears and blocks and provide concrete tools and strategies to help them perform to their potential and achieve their athletic dreams!

Success as an athlete in practice is 95% physical and 5% mental. Your success, whenever you compete is ALL MENTAL. Don't leave this important part of your performance to chance!

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New for 2021!

This BREAKTHROUGH NEW program combines Dr.G’s most current performance-enhancing and slump-busting techniques with his revolutionary work on the nervous system’s impact on athletic performance.

Let me help you develop mental toughness and more consistently perform to your potential!

Mental Toughness Products by Sport

Stop struggling with your athletic demons.

Start Performing your best.

Whether you work 1:1 or with a mental toughness package, we can help you bust your slumps and reach your peak athletic performance.

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