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Many performance problems are rooted in past athletic injuries or upsetting sports experiences that get stored in the mind and body. Dr. G and his daughter Sara V are two of the only sports performance consultants who view these events as important in addressing and effectively resolving the performance problem to help you regain your lost skills and perform like a champion again.

When you compete… Are you your own worst enemy? Does your head seem to always get in the way of your performance? Do negative thinking, self-doubts & excessive nervousness tie you up in knots? Are performance fears and blocks preventing you from moving up to the next level? Have you suddenly lost the ability to perform like your old self?

If your answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then we can help you get back to performing like your old self again, and probably even better than ever. As internationally-known experts working with sports performance problems, we specialize in helping athletes across all sports and at every level who are struggling with seemingly mysterious repetitive performance problems. We help athletes better-understand where these problems come from and how to get unstuck. As your very own personal head coaches, we will teach you how to get yourself back on track, develop mental toughness, and avoid future mental traps.


Most repetitive performance problems are a result of past upsetting physical and emotional experiences that are often directly related to your sport. These include injuries, concussions, scary close calls, collisions as well as emotionally upsetting events like choking, letting the team down or being yelled at or mistreated by a coach. We automatically memorize these upsetting experiences, and long after they have been forgotten, the physical and emotional components of these upsetting events remain in our system. The next time we are in any way reminded of these upsets, (i.e. having to play on the same field or in similar weather conditions) or you’re under pressure, then components from the original experience, (images, emotions, physical sensations, fear, and negative thinking) break into consciousness and suddenly, and for no apparent reason, we start feeling a sense of danger inside.


When our nervous system senses this danger, then our biology as mammals takes over. What does this mean? The most important thing to mammals is SURVIVAL and when we’re threatened, either externally or internally, our nervous system will automatically click into self-protective response. The most powerful reflex in our body is self-protection and because of that, our need to stay safe will easily trump any trained performance skills. Most people understand this self-protective reflex as FIGHT or FLIGHT. However, when we’re on the blocks for the start of a race, in the batter’s box or on the mound ready for the pitch or getting set to throw a pass, shoot a shot or serve, you can’t really fight or flee. So, when any mammal is in a position of danger and the self-protective responses of fight or flight are blocked, then there is a third, default survival option that automatically clicks in: The FREEZE response and suddenly we can’t get our body to do what it knows how to do. We can’t get ourselves to swim, ski or run faster, go for the roundoff-backhandspring-backtuck, throw the reverse and a half, be aggressive on the mat, throw the ball back to the pitcher or make the play at first!

Without knowing it, the athlete is struggling with what we call Repetitive Sports Performance Problems, (RSPP’s). We help athletes resolve these RSPPs by teaching them effective techniques that will help them perform like their old selves!

Struggling with Repetitive Sports Performance Problems? We can help.

These techniques will help athletes:

Recognize and understand the role that they may have been playing in keeping themselves stuck. Some slumps are a result of bad conscious “mental strategies.” That is, you concentrate on the wrong things, make the wrong pictures in your mind and use confidence-eroding self-talk before & during your performance. If these “mental mechanics” are off, you can be one of the best athletes in the world and you’ll still perform badly! Mental toughness is enhanced by learning to recognize all these more conscious, mental mistakes.

Avoid the “trying harder” trap. Athletes get to where they are by working hard. If something is causing a performance problem, the typical athlete will just put more effort into solving the problem. While this problem solving strategy may work when it comes to learning new technique or getting over a bad habit, it has the opposite effect when the problems are related to your mental mechanics. The normal frustrations that arise when you’re slumping tend to cause the athlete to try too hard. However, peak performance can only happen when you’re completely relaxed and letting the performance happen. “Trying harder” or forcing yourself to play better is the game of diminishing returns: The harder you try, the worse you’ll do.

Get unstuck! It doesn’t matter if you’re a batter in a slump, a swimmer or runner who goes faster in practice than in the big races, a gymnast, diver or skater who is blocked by fears or a particular skill, a soccer, lacrosse or football player who can’t seem to let go of his mistakes, a basketball player who can’t seem to find his jump shot or any struggling athlete in any sport. The aim of this third step is to not just help you eliminate the problem, but to leave you with the mental toughness skills which will help you avoid these kinds of difficulties in the future. Simply put, when you’re done with your training with me you’ll be far more mentally tougher than when you started.

  • Although Nick lost his first 2 matches at States I am really proud of the way he handled the pressure and wrestled – the competition was very strong.  His confidence and composure under pressure were refreshing to see. I appreciate all the help you gave him to mentally prepare!

    K.T. California, Wrestling
  • Max had a very good summer baseball season on the mound. He closed with five consecutive strong outings. He's in a completely different place than when I first contacted you about this time last year. Thanks so much

    John Baseball Dad, Pennsylvania
  • You helped Katie turn her Pole Vault season around from what we thought would be a total loss to a wonderful success!  But beyond the success she has had in pole vault, you have given her skills that she will use throughout her life. She has amazing confidence and grace now!

    Nancy Track & Field Mom, California
  • Since working with you I nailed the distinguished rifleman badge #2142. I shot on the New York State High-power team and had a great time. There is no more thinking about it, It just happens, it's confidence on steroids. I just wanted to Thank you for your help and encouragement.

    Bill Rifle Shooter, New York
  • My best news is that I ended up in first place on the leader board for the year! I am the U.S. Eventing Association Master Adult and Master Amateur Rider of the Year at my level!! Thank you so, so much for all of your help.

    Julia Equestrian, New Mexico
  • Doc, I know you tell yourself this every morning, but you are the greatest! I have never seen A.W. so outwardly happy in practice and around me. The change in my athlete is so dramatic! Her mother also said that she is a better person at home. She is so much more focused and working her butt off in practice.

    Ed Bachman Head Coach Swimming, Ohio
  • 5 weeks before our Division III Championships, my diver became paralyzed with fear.  After 2 sessions, my diver was back on the boards and by the end of 2 weeks, not only was he successful in overcoming his fears, but he also won both the 1 and 3 Meter events at Championships!

    A Happy Diving Coach Vermont
  • I couldn't get myself to pole vault because of a serious injury while at a D1 program. It got to the point where I couldn't vault without nearly having an anxiety attack. Dr. G knew what  he was doing.  This mental training has been one of the best things that's ever happened to me.

    Lexi Jarrett Pole Vaulter, Maryland
  • Eli has made "All-State" and "Academic All-State." I could definitely see him using the techniques that you taught him. He was able to refocus and when he did hit a bad shot, was able to leave it behind him. Thank you so much for working with us and for the confidence you were able to bring back in our son.

    Kelly Golfing Mom, New York
  • You really turned me around and my swimming. It wasn't a miracle, it took many weeks and work, but I'm back to being much happier. I was able to take all this pressure off myself and have this carefree but ready to go attitude. I now have more faith in myself than I have ever had before.

    SB Swimmer, Massachusetts
  • My daughter was done with gymnastics. She wanted to quit because she did not feel she would ever do her skills again. She was tired of being yelled at and crying each day at the gym. Yesterday she had her State meet and she placed 4th on floor. The change is because of your program!

    Terry Gym dad, Virginia
  • We wanted you to know that my son Greg, whom you counseled a few years ago, has signed a letter of intent to compete in gymnastics at Penn State.  He has had much success during the past two seasons and regained his confidence and love of the sport. Your help made such a difference!

    Marci Gym Mom, Delaware
  • Before I began working with you I was really nervous and discouraged. You have not only helped me improve my throw, but my overall confidence and my view towards softball as well. Your advice has helped me in my pitching, hitting and in other sports also. Thanks!

    Jenna Softball Pitcher, Colorado
  • Jack's high school career will end this year with All State Honors and All Eastern Conference Team.  He has just signed a letter of intent with (D1 program) on a baseball scholarship. It was because of your work with him that Jack made the leap to be the best he could be!

    Jim Baseball Dad, Connecticut
  • Ashley had the meet of her life at States becoming the State Champion on uneven bars and finishing third All Around! We are so grateful for what you've done for her!

    Tootsie Gym Mom, Oklahoma
  • Within 6 months my level 8 gymnast who was completely “psyched out” on the balance beam went from spending her beam practices sobbing to winning a gold medal at a state competition.  Dr. Goldberg’s work with her was responsible for her ability to achieve such remarkable progress!

    Sheri Aden Mother of 10-year-old Gymnast, Pennsylvania
  • Ashley made the Regional team and played in try-outs the way she knows can!  She told me that she didn’t make herself nervous and the tools that you taught her worked like a charm.  She's playing good soccer again, but the more important thing is that she’s feeling good about herself!

    B. L. Mother of 15-year-old Soccer Player, Michigan
  • I was able to use your strategies resulting in lifetime best performances at the Conference championships. Thanks Dr. G for helping me increase my self-confidence and improve my mental attitude. I no longer hold myself back by setting limits for myself. Racing became fun again and I realized what I had been missing.

    College Freshman New York, Swimming
  • We can't thank you enough for all of your help with Reid this season. I think you gave him valuable tools and an understanding and language to communicate better with his coaches. We've seen huge growth in him and true mental toughness!

    Jen Swim Mom, Nevada
  • Before Dr. G my confidence was really low. I had the talent but I couldn’t  put it together on the field. Whenever I messed up I would always think about my mistakes. Now when I play, my confidence is sky high and when I do make mistakes, I’m able to catch myself quickly and move on.

    Jeremy Giard D-I Collegiate Baseball Player, Massachusetts
  • My son was trained circles around his teammates but would always swim slower than he should in meets. His frustration continued as he went off to swim D-I. After seeing you his entire attitude has changed. His times have improved AND he feels good about himself and swimming again!

    Dennis Schrieber Michigan, Swimming
  • Michaela finished her season at States with a 4th all around! At Regionals she bettered that finishing 3rd all around with her highest meet score ever, a 37.7!  I am so grateful to you for helping her get her old self back. The skills she learned from you will help in every aspect of her life!

    Lori Gym Mom, Connecticut
  • You gave me some advice about a swimmer who was pulling back in practice even though she is much stronger than anyone else in the pool. Your advice was “GOLDEN” and she is back up on top where she belongs!

    Tim Hull Head Coach, Durham Dolphins Swim Team, California
  • When I first called you I had been in a slump. I was so frustrated I wanted to break my bat. My confidence was gone and my coach was thinking of pulling me.  I am having so much more fun and I can shake my bad at-bats without them bringing my whole game down. Thanks for making me mentally tough.

    J. P. Massachusetts, Baseball Player
  • Just a quick message to let you know that I've been doing great mentally with my soccer.  Because of you, I feel like I have been able to perform my best. (Although I still have you on speed dial, just in case! Ha ha.)

    Nicole College Soccer Player, North Carolina
  • I wanted to thank you for all the advice you gave me. I now know that I need to stay in the now and never focus on the what-ifs.  I auditioned last week for "So You Think You Can Dance" and made it to the final round! You have helped me stay mentally strong throughout this whole process.

    Haley Dancer, Massachusetts
  • I was so frustrated at how badly I was riding. My nerves always got the better of me. You've really taught me how to "chill out" and focus!  I'm finally having fun again! To update you, I was very successful at Canadian Nationals earning 3 top tens!

    CH Washington, Equestrian
  • Haley was chosen as one of twelve girls that made the cheer squad for University! She was able to do ALL of her tumbling and stunting. Amazing given where she started. I am so so grateful for your work. She has finally learned how to master her fears and compete!

    Samantha Cheer & Gym mom, South Carolina
  • I used to get so nervous before my races. Guys who I'd beat in practice would always beat me.  Since I started working with your training materials, I've figured out what I had been doing wrong!  Now I am able to stay calm before the gun and run like I do in practice, FASTER!

    Josh XC Runner, New Hampshire
  • I want to thank you for all of the help you have given Kent. It continues to make all of the difference in his swimming. At County Champs, not only did Kent's team win, but he was also named Swimmer of the Meet! Thank you so much for all of your help!

    Laura Swim Mom, Pennsylvania
  • Dennis did great this past weekend at the tournament—he placed in the top 32 for points (his first for this age bracket!).  He had great control and I was so pleased to see him fencing this well. He also got lots of attention from college coaches!  This would not have been possible without you.

    Linda Fencing Mom, New Jersey
  • I have a different kid! A kid with the wonderment of possibility again who is willing to dream without that heavy burden that he had been carrying. He is feeling respected for what he is doing and safe now to succeed. In some ways he is freer than ever before!

    Jen Swim Mom, Michigan
  • Sandy finished her junior year with a berth at States in 3 events. While she didn’t reach the goals she had set for herself, her disappointment didn’t derail her the way it would’ve in the past. She got more determined and motivated and handled the pressure beautifully!

    P.P. Illinois, Swimming
  • Dear Doctor G. I just got back from Nationals. It was fun. I did good. I made all my tumbling passes on floor! I even made finals!! I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you helping me get over my fear of tucks. Thanks again.

    LM Age 11, Gymnast, Missouri
  • You really are amazing! Debbie is now doing all her skills and more. She is tumbling like a true gymnast and has such a positive attitude! I want you to know that you have helped Janice (parent) and I as much as Debbie. Thank you now for the happy child that Deb has become!

    K.W. Gymnastics Coach, Connecticut
  • Without your help I doubt I would be swimming at college next year. My best event in college will most likely be the 400 IM! ironically, which I never would have been able to swim without your help. Thanks so much!

    Trish Maryland Swimmer
  • While Sarah didn’t qualify for Regionals, she wasn’t disappointed because of all that she has overcome this season. You did an exceptional job and we are very grateful. She is now doing double fulls regularly along with all kinds of new and interesting skills. She is living proof that you know what you’re talking about.

    A. B. Mother of 12-year-old Gymnast, Florida
  • I wanted to thank you for helping me to love the game of basketball again. I had a great senior year!

    Mike F D-1 Basketball Player, New York
  • Abigail had her best year in high school sports with PR's in cross country and track, state appearances in both sports and a cross country medal. She will be competing in college next season and we are thrilled for her.  We are grateful!

    Tanya XC & Track Mom, Los Angeles
  • After we finished the session with you yesterday, Jacob said he felt really good and said "The game tonight is going to go well...I know it."  After the game his hockey coach said to the team that Jacob was the first star of the game, praised him for his efforts and announced 'the old Jacob is back!'

    Jim Ice Hockey Dad, British Columbia
  • For 5 years our son bounced between being a starter on his nationally ranked AAU basketball team to being the man at the end of the bench. Your work with him on how to let go of mistakes has given him a new freedom. He now plays with confidence. Thank you for changing all our lives through your efforts.

    A very appreciative father in Southwest Missouri Basketball
  • It was thrilling and exciting to see Noah finally make his NCAA cuts and qualify for the big show. He was so relaxed and comfortable at the meet and thoroughly enjoyed himself. What a transformation! So appreciative!

    Janice Swim Mom, California
  • Ross had a GREAT week in Argentina. He scored the winning goal in the last minute of the last game! The smile on his face, teammates jumping on him.....it was one of those MOMENTS.....that I will always remember. Thanks so, so much for all of your help.

    Joseph Soccer Dad, North Carolina
  • Kaye had such a great meet even after a major disappointment in her first event. In the past this would have set the tone for the whole meet. Not this time! She knew exactly how to let her disappointment go and her attitude was amazing. She said that you taught her how to be mentally tough!

    K. M. Mother of 16-year-old Swimmer
  • It’s JP the snowboarder from Utah. Just wanted to let you know that you helped me out a great deal and I have been back on the board for awhile now and having success and feeling good. Of course there have been some ups and downs but all in all I wouldn’t be in this position still without your help. Thanks so much.

    JP Walker Snowboarder, Utah
  • I just want to thank you for your work!  Years ago I was really struggling when I was a quarterback at Dickinson State University and had zero confidence. Your sessions really helped me. Your mental exercises and techniques are amazing and now I am playing like I know I can!

    Mitch Football, Colorado
  • KB’s success as a diver is due to finding that last piece in the puzzle–You!   She had the ability and good coaching - but the mental aspect of her sport needed work. We are very thankful to you. She credits her success this year to her conversations with you, they have made all the difference in the world.

    Parent of 17-year-old Diver Illinois
  • Danielle was such a talented pitcher before she got hit in the face last year.  She lost her confidence and would cry before all her games.  I don’t know what you did but your sessions have turned her around completely. Now I see the old Danielle-confident and relaxed. Best of all she’s having fun!

    E Booth Mother of 15-year-old Softball Pitcher, Texas
  • Mike is now hitting well. I can't believe the difference. He is practicing his mental skills that you've taught him and they've really paid off. You have helped him through his slump, but more importantly you have started him doing the things that he needs to do in order to move on to the next level.

    JG Texas, Baseball
  • I was once a 4-handicap golfer and over the years a bad case of the “yips”  where I was ready to quit for good. You helped me “put my head on straight” and taught me how to focus. The fact that I can now putt calmly without the “yips” is testimony enough to the miracle that you worked.

    W.T. Connecticut, Golf
  • In June, Mandy had shows almost every weekend and at one, she won the single day Novice Youth All-Around title and at the Region 8 Champs, she won 2 events! She's not afraid to jump anymore and she has come so far since we first talked to you. You have helped her get over the hump and really take off!

    Shelly Equestrian Mom, Oklahoma
  • Before Dr.G my confidence was at an all time low. I couldn’t throw strikes and I was on the verge of giving up on playing professional ball. Alan helped me recover my confidence, focus better and stay calm under pressure. I am now realizing my dream of playing professional ball with the Atlanta Braves.

    Mike Roberts Pitcher, Atlanta Braves
  • It seemed like the harder I tried to play better the worse I did. I was angry at my dad wanting me to talk with you, but I am so glad I did! You really taught me to play mentally tough. My attitude has turned completely around and I now have the tools to excel like I always knew I could.

    D.C. Michigan, Football
  • Kaye has consistently had a BA of over 500, OBP of 600+ and fielding - let's just say it is so much fun to watch and the general phrase on the team is "Our center fielder would have caught that!" Her mental state both on and off the field is great.  You and your books have had a HUGE impact on where she is now!

    Amy Softball Mom, South Carolina
  • Riley's coach from her gym contacted me and asked if I would talk to two other gymnast's families about you. We have had so many people approach us at the gym and say so many good things about Riley. We are thrilled with her progress and so grateful for all you have done for us as a family. Thank you so much.

    Mark Gym Dad, Massachusetts
  • I wish we'd found you sooner! Jonny now sees coaching and competition quite differently than ever before. His self awareness has grown, as did his self-control, and even, his sense of humor about it all. You were a wonderful addition to Jonny's swim training!

    Gail New York Swim Mom
  • Alan is like having your very own sports specialist on call. His has been invaluable to my swimmers.  Dr. G’s work greatly improved several swimmers' self-confidence and self-esteem and this has been directly reflected both in and out of the pool.

    Andy Wedman Head Coach, Vacaville Swim Team, California

Sessions with Dr.G and Sara V will have you back on track and performing to your potential.


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