Peak Performance and Overcoming Sports fears and blocks

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The BEST Mental Toughness Package For Swimmers SPECIAL SAVINGS!

Package $179.99
Package download $159.99

The BEST Mental Toughness Package For Swimmers SPECIAL SAVINGS!

Get Mentally Tough with our MOST POPULAR Peak Performance Program! 

Original Price: $220.00. You Save $40!

Package Includes:

3 Books: "Swimming with the Competitive Edge," "Smoke on the Water," "Swimming Fast When it Counts the Most"

2 CD Programs: Swim with the Competitive Edge - 7 Discs, Racer's Edge - 2 Discs

Includes Dr. G's BRAND NEW Swim Program with track-by-track TRAINING GUIDE

Interested in The BEST and MOST COMPLETE Mental Toughness Training Program Available For Swimmers?

Over the past 28 years I have worked with swimmers at every level around the world from Olympians to age groupers and have helped them bust out of slumps, overcome performance blocks and swim to their potential. This program is based on my extensive experience with swimmers, coaches and clubs and if you're serious about taking your swimming as far as possible, then this is the ONE for you!  

  • Do you KNOW you're ready PHYSICALLY but only HOPE  you're ready MENTALLY?
  • Do you wish you could regularly feel as good as you did in your best races?
  • Are there certain opponents who always seem to psych you out?
  • Do wish you could stay calm and sleep the nights before BIG meets?
  • Do you get too nervous to do your best and then choke under pressure?
  • Are you stuck in a SLUMP
  • Do you have a problem concentrating on what's important?

You spend all of your time preparing physically, so why would you leave this ALL IMPORTANT mental side of your swimming to chance? The combination of 2 CD programs and 3 books will give you EVERYTHING that you need to develop mental toughness and take your swimming to the next level! 

  • Evaluate your current level of mental toughness
  • Includes BRAND NEW 7 CD set with easy to follow track-by-track MENTAL TOUGHNESS TRAINING GUIDE
  • Learn the BIGGEST cause of choking and how to avoid it
  • Develop the ability to concentrate like a WINNER
  • Stay RELAXED and sleep better the nights leading up to those big meets
  • Handle other swimmers who play head games
  • Develop the ability to deal with last minute negativity and self-doubts
  • Quickly LET GO OF BAD SWIMS and disappointments
  • Control runaway nerves so that you STAY CALM under pressure
  • Mentally prepare for your BIG meets with our 2CD set RACER'S EDGE
  • Learn the secrets to CHAMPIONSHIP motivation

SwimmersThis is the training package you want if you're serious about your sport!

Original Price: $220.00. You Save $40.00!  SALE PRICE $179.99!



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What People Are Saying

I can honestly say that Dr. G's mental toughness swim series helped me stay confident and focused, and helped me believe in myself as I attempted yet again to make the Olympic team. The CDs helped me correct a number of mental mistakes that I had been making which had hurt me in past big meets. I have to give Dr. G's CDs big credit in helping me make the 96' team and bring home a relay gold! They were an important part of my overall training." Sheila Taormina, 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist & World Class Triathlete

Smoke on the Water has been a great tool for my swimmers. It's easy to understand and chock full of effective mental toughness exercises. Since we've been using it I've noticed a significant difference in my kids' confidence and how they handle big meet pressure! Thanks for all your help! Sue Parnes, Swim San Diego

This book really helped me go faster. I used to get pretty nervous before my races and then swim tight. Now I know what to think about and how to focus and my times have dropped. Thanks Dr. G. This is good stuff!" Elaine S. Baltimore, MD.

I have read your books and listened to your CDs my entire life.  I was a competitive swimmer when I was younger.  I was recommended by you by a coach.  I have both your competitive swimming cds and now your endurance cds.  I have completed my first ironman in 2010 and am now training for my pro license.  I am 24 years old.  I have hired a great coach to train me. I do not really have any questions for you I just wanted to thank you for your help.  I enjoy your book Sports Slump Busting and cds.  I love to read and learn about mental toughness training and I've gotten so much from your books and cds! Thanks for all of your help, Ashley

"The best news is that I introduced The Racer's Edge to my most troubled senior girls with remarkable results. Alan, you have a great voice and delivery and you speak to the swimmers on their own terms in the rhythm of their own language. Thanks for your help!! It's really made a difference!" John Bittner, Homer Maritime Swimming