Want an excellent way to kill your self-confidence and pull the plug on your motivation at the same time? If so, then try COMPARISON. Take your performance and compare it with a teammate's, an opponent's or anyone else's. It's a surefire way to get you feeling badly about yourself.

One of my athletes competed over the weekend in a swim meet. He had a chronic problem of getting much too nervous before his performances and, as a consequence, would always underachieve. However,...


I recently got a disturbing email from a father of a 10 year old lacrosse player. The boy had been playing the game for almost 5 years and absolutely loved it. Lately however, his happiness on the field had been replaced by sadness, frustration and an ever dimishing self-confidence. The problem seemed to have started early on in the season when the boy made a mistake during a game and was immediately benched by his coach for the rest of the game. 

For the remainder of the season, the coach only played this boy one to two minutes per game. As a consequence, the time he was on the...


I overheard a conversation the other day that, unfortunately, I've heard far too many times. The story always seems to be the same. It's a weekend golf, basketball or baseball tournament, a swim meet or some other competition that the parents have to invest a lot of their time, money and energy into. The family packs up for the trip, spends at least one overnight in a hotel and has to pay a ton of money to feed everyone. For some parents, under these circumstances, it's hard for them to not feel that they are entitled to a little "return" on their investment in relation to their son or...


One of the more common and frustrating problems for athletes and their coaches is to consistently perform better in practice than competitions. What causes this and what can be done to turn it around?

The "practice athlete" as they sometimes call themselves are relaxed, confident and aggressive in practice. They have access to all of their skills and show great potential when their performance doesn't seem to count in their minds. However, the minute you stick them in a pressured situation, it's like that old movie, THE INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS. Someone else takes...


Perfectionism: The need to be perfect /a strong intolerance for anything short of perfection is not always the athlete's friend as it appears to be. On the surface, striving for perfection or to be the best seems like a pretty positive trait to have. It helps you set big goals and then motivates you to go after them. The drive to be perfect also motivates you to look for imperfections in your technique and performance, thus helping you to actually get better. The perfectionist athlete is never satisfied with his...


The key ingredient that separates champions from everyone else is not talent or ability. It's not simply work ethic because a lot of athletes are willing to work hard. It's not better coaching or training opportunities. The crucial difference that makes a difference in determining how successful you'll be in both sports and life has to do with one word: FAILURE. How you handle your failures, setbacks and mistakes will ultimately determine whether you soar with the eagles or gobble with the turkeys. Within your failures you'll always find the seeds to your success.

Everyone has heard...



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