How would you like to give your kids a gift this holiday season, a gift that brings a ton of happiness with it and one that “keeps on giving,” generation to generation? What if you could provide your children with a “special tool” that would virtually guarantee a lifetime of success for them, a tool that they could then pass on to their children, your grandkids? What’s this gift of success? TEACH THEM HOW TO FAIL!

There is no question that how you handle failure will...


It's that magic time of year again. College and professional football is winding down to post season play. There's the college bowl games and the National Championship, the NFC & AFC playoffs and then the Superbowl. It's so exciting, because already the coaches' heads have started to roll. After all, who better to blame for a losing or a not-winning-enough season than the coach? It kind of gives the illusion that how you measure a team and coach's success is simply by his won-loss record.

It's like that in almost every Division I College and professional sport. If the team fails...


I recently got a phone call from a college student who was writing a paper on the abuse of steroids. He asked me what I'd say to a collegiate athlete who was cheating in that manner. What I said to him was that by college age, it's just a little too late to address this particular problem of dishonesty. The cheating issue needs to be handled much earlier.

Cheating is rampant in youth sports today. probably more so than when I played as a junior athlete. There is a tremendous amount of pressure today on kids to perform and win. Pressure to make select teams, to keep mom and dad happy...


I’m a very competitive person. I have an extremely high commitment to excellence and I’m a firm believer in hard work as the primary vehicle to get you to where you want to go. I don't like failing, whether it's related to sports, my work as a Sports Performance Consultant or anything else for that matter. As a professional, it absolutely drives me bananas when I am unable to solve an athlete's or coach's performance problem. Whether it was the athlete’s issues, my own or circumstances out of my control, my expectations are that I should ...


A story is told of a highly motivated woodcutter who was hired to cut down and chop up several wooded acres. His boss explained to him that he would be paid a bonus for every tree he felled over 15 per day and that if he did a good job, there would be plenty of work for him in the future. The woodsman was then given a company axe and went off to prove himself to be a great hire.

The first day he cut down and stacked 18 trees. His boss was delighted with him and the woodcutter was even more motivated, promising his boss that he would better his production the following day. The next...


If you're like most dedicated athletes, then you have both a commitment to excellence and a strong work ethic. Great athletes know that the very best way to get to a goal is to be willing to do whatever it takes, effort-wise. The bottom line: Hard work is the key that unlocks the door to success. 

If you meet your failures and setbacks with this kind of "working harder" approach, then there will be very little that you won't be able to accomplish. However, there's one,...



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