One of the bigger traps that parents fall into which inadvertently contributes to their child's performance problems and much unhappiness is to COACH. As a parent you want your child to be both happy and successful. However, when you "help" them by coaching, (i.e. pre-competition motivation, suggestions about technique and strategies, goal setting, after competition critiquing, pushing extra cross training on them, etc.) your "helpful" efforts will almost always backfire.

If you want your child to be happy and go as far as possible in his/her sport, then you need to play your role...


Psych-outs and intimidation! You know, that awful nervous feeling in your gut...the dread going into the performance....those overwhelming feelings of doubt and worry....and the belief that your opponent is so much bigger, faster and stronger than you. You try to "think positive" and tell yourself that you're just as good, have worked just as hard and that you deserve to win just as much...but it seems to fall on deaf ears. The fact of the matter is that deep down, as much as you'd like to, you don't believe a word of that positive junk!

What causes athletes and teams to get psyched...


Athletes are continually asking me, "How come I regularly tend to fall apart in all of my bigger games? You know, I do just fine in practice but then I go into those more important competitions, the ones where I really want to do well, where there's more at stake, and my performances are just plain awful. I'm nervous, have no confidence in myself and am like a shell of my normal self. What gives?"

What gives is this: If you do better in practice than competition or in less important games than the big ones, then chances are really good that you are making a very common mental...


Want an absolutely great way to sabotage your performance? A surefire way to help you choke under pressure and steal defeat from the closing jaws of victory? If so, then try THINKING while you perform!

One of the biggest performance mistakes athletes at every level make is to think too much right before and during their performances. The thinking can have to do with technique and mechanics. You can be coaching yourself to do the right things with your timing and execution. The thinking can have to do with game strategy or your position/role on the team and...


No question about it! LOSING SUCKS! It's discouraging, disappointing and demoralizing...and, it's an integral part of playing competitive sports. Even when you give it your all, play your best and do everything possible, you can still come up short. That's just sports and life! There are never any guarantees that you'll walk away with the winner's trophy. Look at the hapless Chicago Cubbies. 100 years and counting! Winners of their division and keepers of the desparate hopes and dreams of long suffering Chicago fans. Yet the Cubs got swept by the Los Angeles Dodgers and now have to handle...

So yet another former NFL player has recently admitted that he used performance enhancing drugs. NFL draft bust Tony Mandarich said he used steroids at Michigan State and faked a doping test before the 1988 Rose Bowl. While he claimed that he never used the drugs in his brief 3 year stint in the NFL with the Green Bay Packers (he was addicted to alcohol and pain killers instead), we are only left to scratch our heads and wonder what ends athletes will go to in order to "be the best" and "win."


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