So yet another former NFL player has recently admitted that he used performance enhancing drugs. NFL draft bust Tony Mandarich said he used steroids at Michigan State and faked a doping test before the 1988 Rose Bowl. While he claimed that he never used the drugs in his brief 3 year stint in the NFL with the Green Bay Packers (he was addicted to alcohol and pain killers instead), we are only left to scratch our heads and wonder what ends athletes will go to in order to "be the best" and "win."

There's a really funny thing about winning! It is a bit of a zen paradox. That is, the more you focus on winning, the more emphasis you place on needing to win, the more you think about "IT," the less chance you'll ever have of actually winning. On the other hand, the farther winning is from your consciousness when you go into a competition, the less you think about it, then the greater the chance that you will actually win!

In today's highly competitive sports world we are all a bit obsessed with winning. As athletes we dream about it. We...


The unthinkable has happened AGAIN! The NY Mets squandered away a 3 and 1/2 game lead and managed to NOT make the playoffs, AGAIN! Losing streaks are an interesting phenomenon, but I'm sure the Mets wouldn't describe their experience right now as "interesting."

Where do slumps come from and how do they work?

Losing a few games, choking away a big competition, stealing defeat from the closing jaws of victory do not, by themselves cause a performance slump. Losing is an integral part of competing and everybody does it. The bad games and losses only serve to form the "seeds" of...


I didn't watch last Sunday's NFL game between the New England Patriots and the Miami Dolphins. I think I'm more of a Red Sox fan than anything else. However, I did hear how the Patriot's fans did such a good job of supporting their team. The Patriots of course have been red hot the last several years winning three Super Bowls and losing a tough one last year in the final seconds of the chamionship game to the NY Giants. They went undefeated last season and had been undefeated in regular season play until this game against the Dolphins. Miami, you may know, has been abysmal for the past...


When you're a professional athlete, you are only a favorite to the sports media and viewing public until you have one or more bad performances. Once you start to screw up or, god forbid, show your human frailties, it's like blood in the water. There's a feeding frenzy and you're lunch! 

A few years ago I was working with a high profile infielder for a big market franchise and he was completely depressed that the fans and media had turned against him. He was being ripped in the papers and on the radio because he had had a few games where he'd made some uncharacteristic errors. The...


The instant you make your first mistake, it starts: "You SUCK!" When you make another one, the voice gets louder and nastier: "How could you possibly have blown that?! Like, what is your problem? Are you really that bad?" A few minutes later you might mess up defensively and that loud, negative one is on you like stink on a pig: "Oh, great move Einstein. You are a total and complete idiot! No wonder you get so little playing time. Do it again and the coach will surely sit your worthless butt on that bench for the rest of the season!"

Not surprisingly, the more the negativity comes...



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