One of the most common and performance-disrupting mental traps that athletes fall into is TRYING TOO HARD. The athlete goes into a tryout, big game or important showcase pressuring themselves to do well. This pressure is always driven by an outcome focus. "I need to win!, Prove to the coach that I should make the team or be starting, or show the college coaches who are watching that I can play at this next level," etc.

Rather than relaxing and letting the game, match or race come to them, they press and try to...


If you really want your child to love their sport, feel good about themselves and have a good chance to go as far as possible, then one of your most important jobs besides loving them unconditionally is to NOT coach. And the one place where the most "coaching" happens is on the car ride home right after a competition.

It's on the car ride home that kids are a captive audience,
It's on the car ride home that everyone's emotions...


In an old school model of competition, which so many in sports continue to embrace today,
Your opponent is the "enemy." You want to crush them, to "hate, kill and destroy" them, No Matter What!
This is because, in an old school model of competition, winning is the ONLY thing that really counts and losing is humiliating.

But to a true champion, their opponent is a valued PARTNER,
A "teammate" who will directly help you in your quest for improvement, excellence and peak performance. To a champion, they...


As a kid, tennis was the thread that held my life together
It was the one place in my world where I felt valued,
Where I could go to feel good about myself,
Where I dared to dream....
Where I could go to calm myself down, 
And find real joy and fulfillment...



There is NOTHING stronger or more powerful than a DREAM
Even in darkness, dreams have an infinite capacity to see light
They out-live pain
They outlast heartbreak
They overcome doubt
They forget imperfection

DREAMS cannot be beaten, broken or taken
DREAMS fight, they persevere and they go on
Because determination will always trump disappointment
Desire will always triumph over defeat... 
YOUR dream is out there waiting...


In Okinawan karate, the student who passes his/her test for Shodan or first degree black belt is considered to be ready to finally begin his training. SHODAN MEANS BEGINNER. It doesn’t matter that the process leading to Shodan may have been five or more hard years of training. In traditional Okinawan karate, once you get your black belt you are NOT Mr. Studley J. Studley, you are NOT “THE MAN!” You are NOT God’s gift to creation. You are considered to be nothing more than a beginner, and finally in a position to really take...



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