If you ever decide to hang out at your local Pediatrics office or sports medicine clinic, then you'll be sure to see a new kind of patient, courtesy of the adult-driven insanity that is today's youth sports. You'll find far too many preadolescent and adolescent athletes suffering from chronic overuse injuries.

Back in the day, before the advent of sports medicine clinics, 12 month travel ball seasons and over-involved, over-competitive parents, the only injuries that kids were treated for were trauma-based. That is, a kid would have a sprained ankle, broken...


Did you know that as a real part of March Madness, the Findlay Prep Pilots basketball team just won the national high school basketball championships? What's that you say, you didn't even know that there was a national high school basketball championship? Well, to be fair to you, there wasn't one until just this year. Now, courtesy of ESPN, Nike, Gatorade and the Paragon Marketing Group, we're all hoping that this "exciting" event can become a regular part of the high school sports landscape.

This inaugural "national championships" was an invitational tournament only comprised of 8...


As an eighth grader, she was the best player in her position on the travel team. She was voted the starting catcher on the league's All Star team. She was a positive, enthusiastic and  vocal on-field leader. She was also talented at the plate, batting clean-up and leading her highly competitive travel team in batting average. So explain something to me: How is it possible that after high school try-outs the next year, (her freshman), which reflected a significantly lower level of softball, the high school coach cut her?

This woman, let's call her Coach Q, ...


You can see IT, taste IT, almost touch IT! You are right on the doorstep of winning. The victory is all yours.....Then, suddenly, in the blink of an eye, it all seems to fall apart.

For some strange reason you start getting a little more nervous, just a tad more physically tight. Your self-confidence begins to crumble. Your quality of play deterioriates. You start performing defensively and tentatively, so as not to lose. Before you know it, you've lost your edge. Your opponent is suddenly very much back in the game, while you're fading fast! What's going on here?!

A lot of...


Imagine this: Your sport has been a source of unbridled joy and high self -esteem for as long as you can remember. Everyone who knows you, knows you as the great athlete. You're the kid with all the talent, with the accurate throw, the clockwork consistency and the tremendous hands. You're "Mr/Ms. Clutch." You're the one everyone always looks to when the pressure's turned up high and the game is on the line.

And then suddenly, seemingly out of the blue, EVERYTHING CHANGES! Inexplicably you can't make the simplest of plays...


Get ready for the first ever Youth Olympic Games coming to the world stage in 2010 in Singapore, (2012 for the first ever Youth Winter Olympics). If you liked the televising of high school basketball games, the college recruitment of 6th graders, 13 year olds with their own clothing line and having ESPN cover the Little League World Series, then you'll love where the professionalization of youth sports is headed next! "We're going to the Olympics!" Yeah baby!

The IOC is organizing the first ever youth Olympic Games for 14-18 year olds. But don't...



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