She was only 12 and already was ranked as one of the top 5 triathletes in the country in the 12 & unders, (as if that ranking really meant anything). I know her dad thought it did and that's why he had the tee shirt made for her. For me, the message on the Tee captures what is so wrong in competitive sports today, an approach that causes more athlete burn-out and repetitive performance problems than anything else I know.   

Don't get me wrong here. I'm all for healthy competition in sports. I think it'...


Most dedicated athletes spend just about the same amount of time practicing every week. They drill their skills, push their bodies in conditioning workouts and maybe even do regular strength training. Why is it then, that within this group, only a select few athletes consistently improve and excel to a level far beyond their teammates and the competition? 

To me, the answer is quite simple. What you put in is what you get out!  If you're not "depositing" quality time in your practices every day, then your "return" will be minimal....


"Everything you have today, soon can be gone away....yesterday I had no sorrow today, gone tomorrow, today and gone tomorrow," (Brett Dennen). We all get so caught up in the overblown importance of sports and our quest to be the best that we oftentimes forget that it's all just a game.

We organize our daily practice routine so that we get the very most out of this season. We set athletic goals for ourselves and the team, and then get down to the business of investing tremendous time and energy...


The University of Kentucky just signed former Memphis Basketball coach, John Calipari to a 35 million dollar contract for 8 years. also agreeing to drop a paltry $200,000 to pay off what remained of his obligation to Memphis. Who ever said that our economy is in trouble? 

So what if people are losing their jobs at our country's colleges and universities from coast to coast! Who cares if college endowments have been crippled by the stock market drop and state schools are hurting because of massive budget cuts. So what if  the professors at many of our fine...


It always warms my heart when I hear stories about coaches who totally "lose it" when their athletes mess up. They get up in the athlete's face, in front of the whole team and yell the following useful questions: "What were you thinking out there?!" "Why did you do that?"What's wrong with you?"

So coach, is there something educational that I'm missing in your questions? Are you about to teach your athletes something terribly important? And exactly how would you like...


Parents go out to the court, field or diamond with their kids with the best of intentions. They want to help. They want their children to be both happy and successful. Unfortunately, far too many parents end up inadvertently teaching their children some really horrifying things, things they would never knowingly want their kids to learn.

Keep in mind that your children learn more from their interactions with you than from anything you say. In fact, ...



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