This past Sunday in the New York Times Magazine, the cover article wonderfully written by Michael Sokolove was about 6th grade Seattle basketball phenom, Allonzo Trier. Trier is 13, practices at least 4 hours a day, jets all around the country to play in tournaments, is being illegally recruited by some Division I college programs and, please sit down for this one, already has his very own clothing line!  

Gerald Wright, a Bronx native and owner of NYICE gear put it "nicely." It's a win-win for the kids and my brand. We want other...


Limits should have one purpose in your life. They are put there to challenge and inspire you to break and go beyond them. Remember, in every IMPOSSIBLE is a POSSIBLE! Roger Bannister, the first person to break the impossible 4:00 minute barrier in the mile is a classic example. Go to 


They say that you can't get the fruit unless you're willing to go out on a limb. However, what they fail to tell you is that when you're out there, that sucker frequently breaks and you end up in a heap on the ground. Without risk and failure, pain and suffering, there can be no meaningful success.

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When your son or daughter's coach is emotionally abusive you are faced with a very difficult situation. You're walking a political and emotional tightrope. If you do nothing, your child is at risk of having his self-esteem further traumatized and his joy of the sport killed. However, if you say or do something, you risk the coach retaliating and punishing your son or daughter even more. You also might get labeled as a pushy, over-involved parent. My feeling: Trying to keep the peace and not rocking the boat is not worth the emotional damage that your child will sustain remaining in this...


It's always fascinating to me how much emotional and physical energy gets wasted by athletes when they focus on and worry about their competitors. "I used to beat her all the time but now she's beginning to catch me!" "You know, they were undefeated  last year and their lineup is even better this year. How can we possibly beat them?" "If I lose to him , I am going to be so upset with myself!"

Concentrating on your opponent and obsessing about winning will do a lot of things for you. It will get you overly nervous. It will erode your self-confidence. It will psych you out. It will...


Athletes mentally and emotionally out of control and spiraling down the toilet fast: You see it all the time. He strikes out and immediately let's his displeasure be known. He slams his bat down into the dirt, hangs his head and puts a puss on as he walks back to the dugout. She angrily bangs her racquet against her leg, let's out a "YOU SUCK!" and begins dragging her feet around the court. As his errant shot hooks into the woods, the golfer let's out a loud 4-letter expletive, kicks his bag and drops his shoulders.

What these athletes don't realize...



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