So what should you do when your child suddenly falls into a slump or hits one of those ALL TOO COMMON performance plateaus? First off, DON'T HIT THE PANIC BUTTON! Slumps, blocks and plateaus are a normal part of an athlete's experience. That's N O R M A L!!! They don't necessarily mean that there's something dreadfully wrong. In fact, how you as the parent respond to your child-...


This is a great story about a nine year old who was so fed up with parents behaviors at his hockey games that he took matters into his own hands. (Article and his video!) 

Player's videotaped plea to hockey parents attracts thousands

Magic Hockey Helmet receives more than 85,000 hits on YouTube

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Duke University Sports psychologist Richard Keefe talks about the important role that parents play in determining the kind of youth sports experience that their children have. Go to 


When a young ball player strikes out with the bases loaded and his team loses the game, it doesn't matter to him that he had gone 3 for 4 and knocked in three runs. In his mind, he lost the game for his team. Through his perspective, he is a complete failure!  When an age group swimmer fails to get a best time in her best event at the championship meet, it doesn't matter that she had the greatest season of her life. In her mind, her season was just proven a complete waste. Through her perspective, she is a failure!  As the big basketball...


This story was recently sent to me. It's a fitting and elegant retribution to those in youth, junior and high school sports who take it upon themselves to loudly criticize during-game officiating. 

It was one of those real hot sunny Saturday afternoons that very rarely occur in the Seattle area. On the youth baseball diamond were two teams of 9 & 10 year old boys. In the stands were parents from both teams along with assorted other family members and friends.

At this age...



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