I specialize in helping individual athletes overcome performance fears, blocks and slumps and take their game to the next level. However, some of the complaints that I get from these athletes are inadvertently exacerbated by their coach's pre-game talks.

If you coach and you want to give your players the best chance of achieving a successful outcome, then it’s critical that you understand what you should and shouldn’t be saying to your athletes right before that...


Ever been totally psyched out or intimidated before? Have you ever been filled with such powerful, last minute self-doubts pre-performance that you could barely move, never mind play to your potential? Are you tired of having to face that crisis of confidence every time you get ready to perform? 

If so, here's some important information for you to understand: NO ONE CAN INTIMIDATE YOU UNLESS YOU ALLOW IT! That's right, even though you may currently feel that you have no choice over your self-confidence doing a disappearing act right before game time, you do...




What if I told you that right now, as you read this, you already have that great performance inside of you? Believe it! If you’ve been “paying your physical dues” and consistently working hard, if you have the ability to perform to your potential in practice, then right here, right now that peak performance is at your fingertips for this big, upcoming contest. All you have to do to allow your “A” game to come out is use the right mental...


I can't get A-Rod's recent admission of steroid use out of my mind. I listened to his "admission" and he claimed that he was both naive and stupid for this transgression. However, despite his "admission" of guilt in putting a "banned substance" in his body, he essentially refused to take responsibility for what he did. He claimed to have "no knowledge" of exactly what steroid he was using. Are we to believe that this professional athlete who is so precise in every aspect of his training took a cocktail of unknown performance enhancing drugs? I think not! 

What I don't really get is...


The hitter can't get himself to stay in the batter's box. No matter what he says to himself or what the coaches tell him, he reflexively bails out every time a pitch comes in. The catcher can't seem to make a routine throw back to the pitcher. Instead, he either sails the ball way over the hurler's head or dumps it in the dirt, in front of the mound. The golfer tightens up like a drum on either his chipping or putting and then ends up grossly mishitting even the easiest of shots. The Equestrian is overwhelmed by fear before she goes into the ring and freezes on her horse to the point where...


Mutiple gold medal winning swimming legend, Michael Phelps has been all over the news lately for smoking pot from a bong, caught on camera from a party last November. Go on the internet and you can see him in action outside of the pool. Early fallout: Kellogg's has just dropped him as a sponsor and USA Swimming is in the process of deciding how to best reprimand him. 

New York Yankees great and the man considered by many to be the best, all around baseball player in the game, Alex Rodrigues just admitted yesterday that the rumors of him taking steroids are true. A-Rod, read "A-HOLE...



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