I was at a soccer coaches conference this weekend and was approached by a mother and team manager. She was concerned that several of the very talented 10 year olds on their now coach-less team wanted to quit playing the game. The club was in the process of trying to locate a new coach and she wanted some advice about how they might keep their players interested enough to stay with the team until the new hire.

Then she told me why the kids wanted to quit the game and why they were looking for a new coach. For approximately a year and a half this group of 8 and 9 year olds were "...



If you have a fear, frustrating or intimidating obstacle, or an overwhelming task in front of you, the eat an elephant strategy is the best way to get yourself successfully to the other side of the problem. That is, by chuking down the problem you're facing into manageable, "bite sized" pieces and then focusing on each piece, one bite at a time you put yourself in the very best position for success. 

Far too many athletes focus on the fear...


Two monks, Tanzan and Ekido were walking along a path early one day on their way to a faraway temple for a weekend retreat. A heavy rain had been falling, making the going slow and treacherous. As they rounded a bend which would then take them to a small bridge spanning a stream, they met a lovely young woman in a silk kimono. The hapless young woman was unable to cross the now raging stream because the small bridge had been washed out by the heavy rain. She was at a loss as to what to do and seeing the two monks, begged them to help her...


Hey Coach....What's wrong with me? You told me before I joined the team that I'd be your number one guy, that I'd start in my position. The whole team played really bad in that first game, yet you benched me and then didn't play me for two whole weeks! What's wrong with me?

You told me to keep working hard and that when I played well I'd get my starting position back. So I believed you and really busted my butt. After I finally got a chance to get in, I had the...


Here's a couple of alarming statistics for you:  Nearly 2 out of every 3 children quit sports by age 10; That's almost 66.6%! This climbs to 3 out of every 4 children or 75% quitting by the ages of 13-15.



How would you like to give your kids a gift this holiday season, a gift that brings a ton of happiness with it and one that “keeps on giving,” generation to generation? What if you could provide your children with a “special tool” that would virtually guarantee a lifetime of success for them, a tool that they could then pass on to their children, your grandkids? What’s this gift of success? TEACH THEM HOW TO FAIL!

There is no question that how you handle failure will...



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