Mental Toughness is Essential for Golfers!


Golf is probably one of the most mentally fragile sports. It doesn't take much of a negative thought to tighten up the wrong muscles enough to send your ball into a different zip code rather than the one your were aiming for. It's no wonder that so many of the players on both the men's and women's tours have been regularly meeting with sports consultants to work on their mental game.

If you want to consistently knock strokes off your game, you can't leave the mental part of your sport to chance. Maybe you don't need convincing. Perhaps you've had the heart-warming experience of choking before. Maybe you pulled a Greg Norman and self-destructed at the last minute to steal defeat from the jaws of victory. Maybe you were shooting out of your mind until you got to the 14th hole only to have one of your "friends" inform you that if you keep it up you might break 80, 90 or 100 for the very first time. Isn't it interesting that for the rest of those rounds your ball finds every sand trap, water hazard and out of bounds lie possible?

You can learn to concentrate, better handle pressure, leave those bad shots behind you and think like a winner with a little peak performance training. 

Playing championship golf, regardless of your skill level requires that you put yourself on automatic and hit without thinking.  Thinking is hazardous to your athletic health and is the golfer's biggest enemy. Thinking distracts you from the proper focus, tightens your muscles and undercuts your confidence. In sum, thinking will kill your golf game. Herein lies golf's biggest problem. Golf is the kind of game where it takes only a second or so to hit the ball and then you get to spend 5-10 minutes thinking about what you just did and what you're going to do on the next shot. It's during this "dead time" that far too many golfers plan their next mistake.

To get out of that mental trap, your very first step is awareness. You must figure out what you are doing wrong! You can't correct any problem in your game unless you first become aware of exactly what you're doing wrong. From there, you can begin to apply the right mental toughness techniques to improve your concentration and get in the zone of peak performance on autopilot.

The Best Mental Toughness Package for Golfers will help you do just that!

As a Sports Performance Consultant,  Dr. Alan Goldberg works with athletes of all kinds helping them develop mental toughness, better handle competitive pressure and perform to their potential. He has worked with elite marathoners, world- class triathletes and Olympic swimmers. He is the author of the revolutionary book, "This Is Your Brain On Sports," contributor to many sports journals, and regular speaker at coaching events around the country.