Swimmers and Peak Performance




Do you know how important your head is in your swimming? Are you aware that most races are won and lost before the start? The difference between your best and worst races is always related to what you think about and focus on right before and during your swims! This is why swimmers consistently go faster in practice than they do in big meets! If you have dreams of becoming a champion, you have to start today to consistently work on the mental side of your swimming! 

All the physical training and stroke technique work in the world won't help you if you get too nervous before your races, concentrate on the wrong things, are unable to let go of past bad swims, think negatively or lack self-confidence. 

Years ago a young swimmer was referred to me for excessive pre-race nervousness. Before every one of her 200's, her best events, she'd feel sick to her stomach, and this would cause her to swim poorly. Where does nervousness come from? It's not your opponent who makes you nervous, nor the size or importance of the meet. It's not your heat, lane assignment or pool conditions either. What makes you nervous is YOU! Stress comes from inside, not outside! It's what you say to yourself and focus on that causes nervousness!  


In her off-events, this swimmer never put pressure on herself. She just relaxed and focused on her own race. However, in her best events, she'd think about her time, how fast her opponents were, and worry about failing. This made her too nervous and tight to swim fast. In a short amount of time, I helped her learn to control her pre and during race focus so that she was able to swim her 200's like she did her off-events! 

You'd never leave your physical training to chance, so why leave the mental part of your swimming up in the air. Start today to build mental toughness.  

Do you swim faster in practice then you do in meets? Are you better in your off-events than your best ones? Are you stuck at a certain time and can't seem to break through? Let me help you get back on track and take your racing to the next level with my One-on-One skype consultation services. Call me today at (413) 549-1085 or email Goldberg@competitivedge.com.


As a sports performance consultant, Dr. G works with swimmers at every level from Olympians right down to age groupers. A popular presenter at coaches clinics and clubs around the country, Dr. G specializes in helping individual swimmers get unstuck and swimming fast when it counts the most. He is a regular contributor to USA Swimming's Splash Magazine. Dr. G is the author of "Smoke on the Water," "DMTS (Developing Mentally Tough Swimmers), "Swimming Fast When It Counts The Most," and his newest  mental toughness training program, Swimming With The Competitive Edge.