Diving With The Competitive Advantage

Diving With The Competitive Advantage

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A Complete Mental Toughness Training Program for all Levels of Competitive Divers



 Over the past 34 years I have worked with divers at every level as well as other athletes helping them overcome performance fears and blocks and perform to their potential. This program is based on this experience and designed to help you dive your best when it counts the most! If you're really serious about taking your diving as far as possible, then this is the mental training program for you!

"Your MP3s  for divers REALLY helped me. I was always a good diver in practice but something would happen to me under pressure. I don't know if it was fear or what but I'd get easily intimidated by the DD of other divers or their reputation. You taught me that my focus was on all the wrong things and helped me learn to stay cool under big meet competition pressure. I just qualified for Nationals and I've been trying to do that for over 3 years! There's no question I was able to do that because I'm just tougher mentally now! Thanks so much!" Brian M, NJ

  • Do you always seem to balk on certain dives?
  • Are you easily psyched out and intimidated at big meets?
  • Has your self-confidence on the board done a disappearing act?
  • Do you always seem to dive better in practice than competition?
  • Do you have trouble concentrating on what's important and letting go of distractions?
  •  Have you lost certain dives on your lists and is your fear spreading to others?

"I won High School States this year and there's no doubt in my mind why! Your MP3 program! I can't believe that I went through the season and into this big meet excited to compete instead of scared out of my wits the way I used to be. I think everyone should use your program but I really don't want them to because I want to have your competitive advantage." Sandy W. Nashville, TN 

 You can't reach your highest level in your sport without first training your mind. Diving is a very mental sport and fear is one of your primary opponents on the board. Regardless of your level in this sport, Diving With The Competitive Advantage will begin to train you to better handle fear and become a mentally tough competitor through experiential exercises, motivational stories and practical mental toughness strategies.


  • Learn the secrets to winning motivation and how to get more out of your practices on a daily basis.
  • Develop the ability to stay calm under the pressure of those big meets.
  • Train yourself to concentrate like a champion and quickly let go of bad dives.
  • Learn how to stay calm and relaxed the nights before those big pressure competitions.
  • Learn how to master your fears.
  • Learn how to use imagery to properly prepare for upcoming meets.
  • Have more fun in practice and at meets.

 "Dear Dr G, I am emailing you over a year after our last conversation to say YES it worked!!! I have followed your advice and got Dee Dee the download version of your diving package. She now understands and accepts that fear is NORMAL! Your material has helped her get over her fear of reverses and she has even done them in a couple of competitions both on 1m and 3m. Totally Amazing! I would recommend your program to anyone who dives and is struggling with fear. So a very big thank you for what you do!" Tina, PA 

To dive like a winner you must first develop the mind of one. Diving With The Competitive Advantage will help you systematically train the mind of a champion.

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Price $99.99
Download Now!

Why Learn From Dr. G?

As a Sports Performance Consultant and internationally known expert in peak performance, Dr. G works with athletes at all levels from junior competitors to professionals and Olympians. He is known for his ability to teach mental toughness in a practical, humorous and effective way. Dr. G's specialty is in helping athletes to overcome fears, slumps and blocks and perform to their potential. A regular and popular presenter at coaches clinics and sports clubs around the world, Dr. G also writes for a number of national and international magazines.

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Dr. G in the Media
Dr. G in the Media