Ever wonder why you continually doubt yourself and struggle with low self-confidence? The reason comes down to one simple verb: “COMPARE.” When you compare yourself with other athletes you set yourself up to feel badly about yourself and fail. Why? Because most of the time when you compare, you will over-inflate the other person’s strengths, minimize or ignore their weaknesses while over-inflating your weaknesses and minimizing or ignoring your strengths. Not exactly a good formula for building self-confidence! Comparison is a losing game because you’ll always manage to find someone better than you. Instead, keep your focus on YOU. Measure yourself against yourself. Sure, there’s a benefit to seeing someone much better than you perform and modeling yourself after them. They may have a certain style, skills or technique that you’d like to emulate. This is the only positive way to focus on someone else. This isn’t comparison. Comparison usually involves a negative appraisal of yourself in relation to others. Stay away from it! Comparison is hazardous to your self-confidence and performance health.


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