How important is self-confidence for you as an athlete? Answer: How important is it for you to have air to breathe? Self-confidence makes the world go round performance-wise. When you have it you are able to take your physical abilities and consistently play to your potential. The self-confident athlete consistently overachieves. When you’re confident you’re able to relax under pressure and focus on what’s important. You relish the challenge presented by a worthy opponent. You look forward to your competitions. You are able to trust yourself and play loose and aggressively. However, when you don’t have it, when you’re plagued with low self-confidence and doubts, your performance does not at all resemble your God-given talent or ability. Those who play with low self-confidence consistently underachieve. When you lack confidence you tend to get too nervous under pressure and focus on all the wrong things. You are easily intimidated by a strong opponent and you often dread those big competitions. Carry around low self-confidence and your best friend becomes self-doubt. When you perform you are too cautious and tentative to play anywhere near your potential. Want to perform like a champion? Start today to work on developing your self-confidence. Work hard. Focus on the positive. Learn from your failures and let them go. Surround yourself with positive people who support you. Learn to be a “good coach” to yourself.


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