Broers is offering you some sage advice. If you want to keep yourself vibrant, alive and growing as an athlete and an individual, then you must get in the habit of taking risks, of leaving your comfort zone. When we just stay with things that we’re good at, things that we know and are comfortable with, we inadvertently rob ourselves of the opportunity to grow, develop and master new things. By integrating challenges into your life on a regular basis you will stay motivated and excited. That’s what learning new things will do for you. It will help you stretch your limits and expand your horizons. When you do this your interest and enjoyment will remain high. When we just confront the same old, same old all the time, we get bored and disinterested. We lose our enjoyment of the activity and thus become subject to burnout. As an athlete you want to continually challenge yourself. Learn new techniques and strategies. Find out what the best athletes are doing. How are they training? Don’t be content with the status quo, even if it seems to be working for you right now. Continue to look for ways to better yourself, to improve, to strengthen weaknesses and increase your strengths. Challenge and change is your friend, NOT the enemy. Don’t worry about the initial discomfort that greets you when you leave your comfort zone. It’s supposed to be there. Embrace the challenge.


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