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Getpsychedsports: Advocating For a Written Sport Psychology Curriculum for Youth and School Sports Teams Youth Soccer and Parents - Celebrating Hockey Families

The Retriever Aquatic Club: founded in 1986, is known throughout the country as a first-class year-round swim program.  We offer a guided age group youth program for children ages 5 and up, from the beginning swimmer to the most competitive and skilled swimmer.

Sacramento United Soccer Program: Sacramento United is the competitive soccer program of the Sacramento Youth Soccer League (SYSL) which consists of nearly 7,400 players on 511 club teams throughout a large portion of the City of Sacramento proper and nearby suburban areas. Access the latest meet results and other relevant swimming news information.

Swimming Science - Educating and improving the transparency of swimming science.  The goal is to provide thought provoking, informative and creative discussion on a variety of topics to help educate coaches and those passionate about swimming. The Utah Tennis Association is a not-for-profit organization serving the Utah tennis community. Utah Tennis is one of six districts in the Intermountain Tennis Association. The ITA Section is one of seventeen sections comprising the United States Tennis Association (USTA). The USTA is the governing body of tennis in the U.S., and is dedicated to the development and growth of tennis and establishes rules of play and standards of amateurism and good sportsmanship.

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My Favorite Products/Books

Dr. Jerry Lynch is an internationally recognized expert, author of 8 books and clinician in the field of Sports Psychology and peak performance for over 30 years, all sports, all ages, and all levels. Let Dr. Lynch coach you to realizing your full potential in athletics and life.
Thinking Body, Dancing Mind: Taosports for Extraordinary Performance in Athletics, Business, and Life - $16.95

In the tradition of The Art of War, The Book of Five Rings and Timothy Gallwey's revolutionary The Inner Game of Tennis, comes Thinking Body, Dancing Mind. Authors Al Huang and Jerry Lynch interpret and adapt the ideas of both the Tao Te Ching and the I Ching to the needs of Western readers. They make Zen principles and strategies for achievement and excellence accessible to people in all walks of life - and show how to turn these strategies into effective tactics for immediate success. Here are the secrets of legendary warriors and strategians that have been practiced for more than two thousand years - timeless principles of craft, skill, and timing of will power and indomitable spirit - that result in victory. Thinking Body, Dancing Mind's Taoist teachings about concentration, focus, centering, intuition, and practice are both philosophic and practical. The book provides numerous mental exercises and techniques, ethical guidelines, visualizations, and affirmations, which the authors call TaoSports, that any reader can use to succeed.
Working Out, Working Within: The Tao on Inner Fitness Through Sports -$14.95

Zen meets the The Zone in Working Out, Working Within, a guide to combining physical fitness with spiritual awakening. During physical training, we can experience something deeper than just the burn of working out. We can achieve spiritual awareness and know that we are alive and healthy. This book offers readers techniques and suggestions to avoid fixating on winning the game, scoring the goal, or building the perfect body. Our personal workouts become tools for personal transcendence as we get to know ourselves, test our limits, gather personal strength, and build physical potency. Working Out, Working Within will nourish and exercise the spirit while showing readers what "ultimate" sports and living really are.

Creative Coaching: New Ways to Maximize Athlete and Team Potential in All Sports - $15.95

Times have changed in the coaching profession. In today's world of sport, players must deal with complex issues. Not only must you teach athletes the skills, strategies, and discipline to help them succeed; you also are expected to guide, encourage, respect, and inspire athletes.
Creative Coaching
is a strategic handbook for addressing the challenges of coaching modern athletes and maximizing their sport performance.

What sets author Jerry Lynch's coaching method apart is his unique collective approach. You will learn to teach, guide, and motivate in a reciprocal relationship with athletes. Respect and authority are earned not through a title or through disciplinary measures but through a clear vision and effective communication that prompts athletes to exert maximum effort toward their goals and develop their own decision-making skills - all of which have a direct performance payoff.

Throughout the book, you'll be challenged with real scenarios in which you must try to solve problems and new strategies that have proven to be effective with today's athletes.

Creative Coaching is more than a "how to win" manual. The innovative techniques apply to a wide variety of coaching situations and will help you and your athletes experience all the fun and passion of sport - at the same time, you'll perform your best.




Recommended Reading

Peak Performance


Competitive Fire by Michael Clarkson. Paperback (June 1999)
Using hundreds of interviews, extensive research, and his own up-close observation of elite athletes, an award-winning sports journalist demonstrates that the root of greatness is the reaction of athletes to "fight or flight" situations in competition. 32 photos



Embracing Your Potential by Terry Orlick. Paperback (May 1998)
The author of several books on mental training shows readers how to achieve excellence in performance as well as excellence in living.


Mastering Your Inner Game by David R. Kauss, PhD 
Mastering Your Inner Game begins by presenting five vivid case studies that illustrate real challenges faced by real athletes. You'll experience the thoughts and emotions the competitors were dealing with as they worked to overcome their obstacles using Kauss's personalized mental training methods. Then you'll begin to understand how the method can work for you-whether it's breaking out of a slump, building confidence, or sharpening your focus.

cover Flow in Sports by Susan A. Jackson, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Paperback (June 1999)
Two leading experts on "the flow state" explain the phenomenon as it occurs in sports and provide seven keys for creating favorable conditions for unleashing the power "flow" of mind and spirit. Endorsed by Miami Dolphins coach Jimmy Johnson. 25 photos. 4 illustrations.

Body Mind Mastery: Creating Success in Sport and Life by Dan Millman. Paperback (April 1999)
A world class athlete and author of "Way of the Peaceful Warrior", presents an inspirational path to unleashing full potential. Gymnast Dan Millman examines the motives for athletic excellence and offers a transformative guide to success that is as applicable in everyday life as it is in sports.

cover Heads-Up Baseball: Playing the Game One Pitch at a Time (Spalding Sports Library) by Ken Ravizza (Contributor), Tom Hanson. Paperback (February 1995)

cover The Inner Game of Golf by W. Timothy Gallwey, et al. Hardcover (March 1998)
As golf grows in popularity, more and more athletes are learning the hard way that the game played inside their own heads can dramatically affect the game played out on the course. In this revised and updated edition of a classic "how-to, " author/trainer Tim Gallwey shows golfers how to improve their performance by getting out of their own way.

cover The Inner Game of Tennis by W. Timothy Gallwey. Paperback (May 1997)
The Inner Game of Tennis is a revolutionary program for overcoming the self-doubt, nervousness, and lapses of concentration that can keep a player from winning. Now available in a revised paperback edition, this classic bestseller can change the way the game of tennis is played.

cover The Mental Game of Baseball: A Guide to Peak Performance by H. A. Dorfman, Karl Kuehl (Contributor). Paperback (December 1994)

cover Mental Training for Peak Performance: Top Athletes Reveal the Mind Exercises They Use to Excel by Steven Ungerleider. Paperback (March 1996)
cover Psyched to Win by Robert M. Nideffer. Paperback (March 1992)



Parents and Youth Sports

cover Good Sports: The Concerned Parent's Guide to Competitive Youth Sports (The Art & Science of Coaching Series) by Rick Wolff. Paperback
Author Rick Wolff has written this book to help parents and coaches avoid the pitfalls surrounding the increasingly competitive environment of youth sports while helping children enjoy a positive, challenging and educational sports experience.

Parenting Your Superstar: How to Help Your Child Balance Achievement and Happiness by Robert Rotella, Linda K. Bunker. Paperback (July 1998)
cover Parenting, Sportsmom Style: Real Life Solutions for Surviving the Youth Sports Scene by Laurel Phillips, et al (Paperback - December 1999)
They review the role sports can have in a youngster's development, and also advise parents how to learn about specific sports to be able to understand what they require of a child and what a child is experiencing.

cover Coaching Kids: It's More than X's and O's by H. Jonathan Buzby, Jonathan H. Buzby.
A book filled with hands on examples of how to handle different situations encountered when coaching youth sports. Information is for all youth coaches in all sports.

cover Youth, Sports & Self Esteem: A Guide for Parents by Darrell J. Burnett. Paperback (November 1993)
Drawing from 20 years of working with kids and families and his experience as a youth league coach, Burnett offers parents 12 specific guidelines for promoting their kids' self-esteem through youth sports. A skills section teaches basic skills for basketball, football, soccer, and baseball/softball.

Sports Without Pressure: A Guide for Parents & Coaches of Young Athletes by Eric Margenau. Paperback (October 1992)
cover The Cheers and the Tears: A Healthy Alternative to the Dark Side of Youth Sports Today by Shane M. Murphy (Paperback - March 1999)
Dr. Shane offers a healthy alternative, a way for parents and athletic directors to organize youth sports in a way that is fun, can bring families together, and can teach children wonderful lessons about teamwork, setting goals, and the value of hard work.



Recruitment/Scholarships & the Student Athlete

cover Advising Student Athletes Through the College Recruitment Process: A Complete Guide for Counselors, Coaches and Parents by Michael D. Koehler. Paperback (March 1996)
Questions to ask during and after the college visit. Offers scores of reproducible letters, forms, and handouts. Guides readers to other sources of aid. Includes NCAA and other recruiting requirements and contact periods for both men and women.

cover Athletic Recruiting and College Scholarship Guide by Robert L. Scott. Paperback
This is the complete guide to understanding the recruiting process and how to enhance your exposure to the coaches that control the issuance of college athletic scholarships. By using this book there is no need to hire an expensive recruiting company. The book lists the pertinent information needed to correspond with the college coaches and also gives the website address (URL) of the colleges so that you can link into the actual college websites to find out the latest information about each of them.

cover The Student Athlete's Handbook: The Complete Guide for Success by Perry Bromwell, et al. Paperback

Here's where you'll find: Ways to assess your true ability. How to decide which NCAA division is right for you. Guidelines for handling the recruitment process. Tips on showcasing your athletic skills for coaches and scouts. Advice on making the adjustment to college life. A sport-by-sport listing of facts and figures on scholarships and financial aid. Complete NCAA rules and regulations. Possibilities of pursuing your sport after college.






Alcohol and Sport: Robert D. Stainback by Robert D., Phd Stainback. Hardcover (May 1997)
Explains the extent and causes of alcohol problems among athletes, providing guidance for coaches, athletic trainers, sport physical therapists, and sport physicians who need to intervene in the lives of alcohol abusing athletes. Discusses addiction, its physical influences, the incidence of alcohol related disorders, and successful prevention programs in sports contexts.

Let's Kill 'Em: Understanding and Controlling Violence in Sports by Jon Leizman. Hardcover
cover The Steroids Game by Charles E. Yesalis, Virginia S. Cowart. Paperback (April 1998)
With a detailed look at the results of steroid use, this book gives a complete view of the problem both in terms of performance and medical side effects. The authors analyze shortcomings in current testing procedures and describe prevention programs. 5 illustrations. 24 photos.

Death in the Locker Room II: Drugs and Sports by Bob Goldman, Ronald Klatz. Paperback (June 1992)
Part two of a three-part series that has drawn national media attention exploring the epidemic of athletic drug abuse. The hard-hitting text graphically exposes the effects of anabolic steroids and reveals other secret substances now being used. Includes rare, never-before-seen, photographs of athletes from behind the Iron Curtain and a history of drug-related sports deaths.
cover Drugs and Sports Hardcover (October 1990)

cover What to Teach Kids About Steroids: For Parents, Teachers, and Other Caregivers (The Parenting for Prevention Information Series) Paperback (January 1998)





cover Little Girls in Pretty Boxes: The Making and Breaking of Elite Gymnasts and Figure Skaters by Jean Ryan, Joan Ryan. Paperback (July 1996)
In this disturbing book, sports columnist Ryan exposes the tarnish beneath Olympic gold as she reveals heartbreaking stories of the physical and psychological abuse suffered by countless young girls driven to achieve Olympic medals. In harrowing detail, Ryan documents the preponderance of abuse, eating disorders, weakened bones, and damaged psyches that are often the result of intensive training. 16-page photo insert.
cover Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook by Nancy Clark (Preface). Paperback (October 1996)
Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook makes it easy for anyone to create a winning diet for high energy, peak performance, and lifelong health. Like the popular first edition, which has more than 150,000 print, this revised and expanded edition provides easy-to-use, "how-to" food suggestions for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and other people on the go. 61 illustrations.
Helping Athletes With Eating Disorders by Ron A. Thompson, Roberta Trattner Sherman. Hardcover (November 1992)
Psychologists who direct an eating-disorder program tell how athletes, because of their concern with their size, shape, and weight, may be at greater than average risk for such disorders as anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa. They suggest to coaches how to recognize and deal with such conditions. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, OR.
cover Nutrition for Serious Athletes by Dan Benardot. Paperback (November 1999
The goal of this book is to make the science of sports nutrition and exercise physiology accessible to athletes and their coaches. The latest information is presented in a way that allows both athletes and coaches to quickly adapt the ideas to existing training and eating strategies.
cover Optimum Sports Nutrition: Your Competitive Edge by Michael, Dr. Colgan. Paperback (July 1993)
This comprehensive guide speaks directly to athletes, body builders, and other serious sport and fitness-conscious consumers. Dr. Colgan presents scientific information in an easy-to-read, comprehendible format that covers supplements--what's effective and what's not--peak-performance nutrition, steroids, special diets, and more. Illustrations.
cover Play Hard Eat Right: A Parents' Guide to Sports Nutrition for Children by Debbi Sowell Jennings, et al. Paperback (June 1995)




cover Raising Our Athletic Daughters: How Sports Can Build Self-Esteem and Save Girl's Lives by Jean Zimmerman, Gil Reavill. Paperback (November 1999)
This bracing report from the front lines of female athletics offers advice and encouragement to parents, educators, and the girls themselves who want to get into the game.

cover Coming on Strong: Gender and Sexuality in Twentieth-Century Women's Sport by Susan K. Cahn. Paperback (September 1995)
A spritely, subtly reasoned consideration of women and sports- -a study that goes beyond the historical record to examine athletics as both a reflection of and a challenge to culturally enforced notions of gender.

cover The Stronger Women Get, the More Men Love Football: Sexism and the American Culture of Sports by Mariah Burton Nelson. Paperback (August 1995)
A former basketball player writes an astute, provocative, and well-researched book which holds up a mirror to America's sports mentality, and answers some disturbing questions about its pervasive effects on both men and women. "Nelson documents in great detail how women feel slighted in the sports culture."-- USA Today.

cover Games Girls Play: Understanding and Guiding Young Female Athletes by Caroline Silby, et al. Hardcover (August 2000)

cover Girl Power on the Playing Field: A Book About Girls, Their Goals, and Their Struggles by Andy Steiner. Library Binding (December 1999)

cover Gutsy Girls: Young Women Who Dare by Tina Schwager, et al. Paperback (May 1999)
In exciting, inspiring first-person stories, 26 young women tell of their daring feats, from extreme sports to ground-breaking achievements. Part One features these stories. Part Two tells readers how they can set goals and follow their dreams. And Part Three explains the how-tos and benefits of getting fit and staying safe. Resources point the way toward more information.

cover The Complete Book of Running for Women: Everything You Need to Know About Training, Nutrition, Injury Prevention, Motivation, Racing and Much, Much More by Claire Kowalchik (Introduction). Paperback (March 1999)
It's the simplest, fastest, most accessible way to fitness and good health known to woman. You don't need a partner, equipment, or even much time. Now, Claire Kowalchik, former managing editor of Runner's World magazine, answers every question about the overwhelmingly popular activity that builds endurance, melts fat, and even prevents illness. In this total running book for women, you'll learn: How to get started and stay motivated. What to eat for optimal nutrition. How to run during pregnancy and after menopause. Why running is the most effective form of exercise. How to prevent and treat injury. What to wear -- from sports bras to running shoes. How to prepare for everything from a 5K to a marathon.



Coaching & Team Building

cover Coaching and Winning by William E. Warren. Hardcover (January 1988)
cover Coaching Mental Excellence: It Does Matter Whether You Win or Lose by Ralph Vernacchia, et al. Paperback (July 1996)
A highly readable survey of the major responsibilities, opportunities and challenges involved in coaching today's athlete. It emphasizes the mental techniques known through the latest research in sport psychology to enhance performance and enjoyment in sports.
cover Coaching and Motivation: A Practical Guide to Maximum Athletic Performance by William E. Warren (Paperback - July 1991)
A practical and proven motivation program based on the methods of Vince Lombardi and other all-time coaching greats. Shows how to most effectively use rewards and incentives, cope with "problem" players, and make practices less routine.

cover Positive Coaching: Building Character and Self-Esteem Through Sports by Jim Thompson. Paperback (December 1995)
Positive Coaching is jam packed with information for coaches in any sport. The book includes over 200 coaching recommendations on specific psychological, motivational, and behavioral situations. There is a special focus on the coach as storyteller -- 50 motivational stories can be used to develop strong communication with athletes.
cover Winning the Mental Way: A Practical Guide to Team Building and Mental Training by Karlene A Sugarman. Paperback (January 1999)
Whether you are a recreational athlete, little league coach, high school player, professional coach or top executive, Winning the Mental Way provides the tools necessary to help you achieve peak performance on a more consistent basis. No matter what your endeavors are, the goal is the same - peak performance.
cover The Magic of Team Work by Pat Williams. Hardcover (September 1997)
Pat Williams Shares the ten fundamental principles of building a successful team, drawing on the contributions of coaches, managers, and business leaders to explain how to create a winning team, and emphasizing the interdependent relationships that exist between team members.
cover The Big Book of Team Building Games: Trust-Building Activities, Team Spirit Exercises, and Other Fun Things to Do by Edward Scannell (Contributor), John W. Newstrom (Paperback - January 1998)
Now you can spark morale in any work group by choosing from 70 stimulating games and activities specifically designed for the manager who's looking to raise sagging morale in a department, liven up boring staff meetings, enable team members to collaborate smoothly and effectively, and much more!

cover Baseball Coach's Survival Guide: Practical Techniques and Materials for Building an Effective Program and a Winning Team by Jerry Weinstein, Tom Alston. Paperback (September 1999)
cover Championship Team Building: What Every Coach Needs to Know to Build a Motivated, Committed & Cohesive Team by Jeff Janssen M.S. Paperback
Written specifically for coaches, this ground-breaking book details dozens of proven strategies for building a championship team in any sport at any level.
cover Coaching 101: Guiding the High School Athlete & Building Team Success by Don Schnake. Paperback (December 1995)
Otto Graham, Cleveland Browns, NFL Hall of Fame COACHING 101 could become the high school coach's bible. Don Schnake's perceptive and practical guide sings with insight and inspiration.



Athletic Injury

cover Psychology of Sport Injury. by John Heil. Paperback (April 1993)
From Book News, Inc., October 1, 1993. Explores the psychological dimensions of getting an injured athlete back into competition, providing medical information for the psychologist, and psychological principles for the sports medicine practitioner.
cover Sports Injury Handbook: Professional Advice for Amateur Athletes by Allan M., Md Levy, et al (Paperback)
The publisher, John Wiley & Sons With over 30 years experience in treating professional athletes suffering from every kind of sports injury, Dr. Levy (team physician for the New York Giants) explains how to condition, improve performance and strengthen the body to avoid injury; how to diagnose impairment that needs medical attention along with proven techniques for treating on-the-spot injuries in order to minimize problems and costly trips to the doctor.

cover Tennis Injury Handbook: Professional Advice to Amateur Athletes by Allan M. Levy, Mark L. Fuerst. Paperback (July 1999)
A very comprehensive and well-written book about the most common tennis injuries. I certainly wish something like this had been available 25 years ago.--Fred Stolle, member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame. "Maintaining fitness is a high priority for people of all ages, especially those of us addicted to tennis.
cover Golf Injury Handbook: Professional Advice for Amateur Athletes by Allan M. Levy, Mark L. Fuerst. Paperback (April 1999)
Including easy-to-follow do's and don'ts for preventing and treating common golf injuries and symptoms, here's a handbook with the most effective ways to build conditioning, strength, and flexibility to stay at the top of a game.



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