This past summer in London, Michael Phelps added to his medal totals and distinguished himself as the most decorated Olympian of all time with 22 medals. He now holds the all-time record for Olympic gold (18), twice as many as the next highest competitor! In Beijing, in 2008, his 8 gold medals set the record for the most first place finishes in a single olympiad and after his performances this summer, amazingly, he has been the most successful athlete of the Games for 3 Olympics in a row!
It happens to the best of us, the elite and professional athletes as well as all of us amateur and recreational performers. Your “normal,” consistently decent level of performance is suddenly hijacked by a slump, fear or block. For no apparent reason, you can't seem to buy a hit, make a shot, go backwards on beam or move the way that you used to and know you're fully capable of. As your athletic performance does a nose dive, so too does your level of self-confidence. You're flooded with self-doubts and find yourself over-thinking everything! While slumps, fears and blocks are a regular and...
Every four years the process gets repeated over and over again. We watch captivated on TV as superbly trained and conditioned athletes pursue their Olympic dreams, dreams that they may have been nurturing since childhood! Because almost every Olympic quest, regardless of whether it ends in making the National Team and winning a medal, gets its' start in the dreams and fantasies of a young child watching The Games on TV. These dreamers think, "I'd like to do THAT when I grow up!" How cute! A six, seven or eight year old imagining the UNLIKELY and the IMPOSSIBLE! You could call these silly...
If you're an athlete, parent or a dedicated coach in any sport with dreams of success and a strong commitment to the pursuit of excellence, then listen up! Tosh's principles can help you or your kids get as far as possible in their sport!


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