SPECIAL ISSUE: “What makes a GOOD COACH?” – 
SPECIAL OLYMPIC ISSUE: “A simple OLYMPIC lesson for all athletes, coaches and parents” – As the 2006 Torino Winter Games wind down and end, there are still several earth-shattering questions simmering on the back burner of too many people’s minds here in the good old US of A. Did we win enough medals? How many golds did we actually get? Were we the best or did “our” athletes let us down and choke the big one? And what’s with Lindsey Jacobellis anyway? Did she totally gag away the gold medal or what?
IN THIS ISSUE: Playing Time, (PT). Those two very magical and powerful words that can bring you great joy or misery, that can leave you beaming or in tears. Playing Time can make or break your season, not to mention your athletic career. Every athlete wants PT, yet only a select few will actually consistently achieve it. Many players who do get it feel like they can never get enough of it.


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