IN THIS ISSUE: What’s really important? Do you have your life and sport in the proper PERSPECTIVE? I am writing this from the comfort of my office in the basement of my home. I look around me at the walls and they’re covered with pictures and mementoes of my 32 year career as Sports Performance Consultant.
“TO CUT OR NOT TO CUT, that is the question.” The Fall is upon us and as we look forward to the start of a brand new school year, young athletes’ thoughts turn to middle and high school dreams of fame and glory: Impressing the coach in preseason, making the varsity, possibly breaking into the starting lineup and maybe even hearing the roar of the crowd as you make that game winning play.
Let me state the obvious: In every athletic contest there is always a winner and a loser, a winning squad or a losing one. As expected, the winner may experience a broad range of emotions in varying degrees of intensity.


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