IN THIS ISSUE: Jackie was a very talented ball player despite the fact that she was only a freshman at the time and if you truly appreciated basketball, then you would go along with the general consensus, she was an absolute delight to watch. People who didn’t even follow the home team would pack the gym just to watch her do her magic. She was fundamentally sound in every aspect of the game.
The “CURSE” is reversed! Sports, the media, the sports-fan and superstitions – How the imaginary becomes real and takes on a life of its’ own: i.e. The fallout from the impossible dream of the Red Sox coming from three games back and one out away from being swept in the ALCS to beat the Yankees and then take four in a row from the St. Louis Cardinals to finally win their first World Series since 1918.
IN THIS ISSUE: QUITTING, the so-called “dirty” word in sports and life. No one wants to be known as a quitter. No one wants to be labeled as the guy who “just couldn’t hack it .” For many, being called a quitter is the ultimate form of disgrace, the penultimate mark of shame for an athlete. After all, when the going gets rough, the tough are supposed to get going, right? What’s that say about the quitters?
IN THIS ISSUE: As the Athens Olympics slowly winds down and my sleep deprivation reaches an all time high from too much late night viewing, I'm left with a whole host of irrelevant thoughts of almost Olympic proportion. Actually, I'm not being quite fair to myself. In fact, some of the musings from my late summer haze may border on the intelligent and meaningful. If I can, I'd like to share a few of these random thoughts with you right now.


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