IN THIS ISSUE: “Out of control emotions” – When I think about emotions in sport, one memory pops up and immediately begs to be recognized. I was a junior tennis player competing at a tournament in the Boston, Massachusetts area. Because it was a rather large competition, the tournament ran a number of age groups simultaneously, including the men’s division. In between my matches I would wander around and watch the older folk play.
IN THIS ISSUE:  The wonderful world of EXPECTATIONS and GOALS. It’s the start of a new year and with that, along with their New Year’s resolutions, many athletes begin to set goals for the upcoming season: “I’m going to finally make the varsity.” “I’m going to nail down that college scholarship.” I’m going to score double figures every game.” “I’m going to break 5:00 in the mile.” “I’m going to bat at least .350.” “I’m going to set the pool and Conference records!” Expectations, dreams, goals, call them what you may.


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