“The only real stupidity is that of a closed mind.”

Dr. G

I recently returned from doing a day long program for a basketball team in the Midwest. That next Monday the coach was sent an anonymous letter stating that because he had hired a sports performance consultant to come in and work with the team, he should be removed from the program. Here Yee, Here Yee! The Neanderthal among us has spoken! As an athlete and a person, the only thing that can terribly cripple you in your life is having this kind of closed-minded stupidity. A closed mind will hold you back as an athlete. It will prevent you from trying new techniques and training regimes. It will dramatically limit your accomplishments. It will make you act far less intelligent than you are. What you don’t understand is NOT wrong! What you don’t understand is NOT bad. What you don’t understand is simply what you DON’T UNDERSTAND! Nothing more, nothing less. Don’t just sit there and mindlessly flap your lips passing judgment about what you don’t understand. Do something about it! Open your eyes. Open your ears. Open your mind. Try new things. Push your envelope. Get some courage in your life. Step outside of your tiny comfort zone. The worst that will happen when you do is you’ll be smarter and more successful.

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