Want to dramatically improve your game? Want to raise your training to the next level? The secret to both is very simple. Go find better athletes than yourself to practice with and compete against. While it's always fun and comforting to be the best, fastest or strongest, it won't help you improve as quickly in the long run. What will propel your training forward and improve your motivation is to continually challenge yourself by going up against tougher and tougher competition. Your competition will always push you harder than you can do yourself. Your competition will always challenge you more than you can yourself. If you continually pit yourself against creampuffs, soon you will develop a cream filled center. That is you will fall apart under pressure. Instead, go out and hunt down stronger training partners. You may not like losing and being outperformed in the beginning, but you will like what this kind of bigger challenge will do for your overall development as an athlete.

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