“I would want America to know our kids need us. Spend as much time with your kids as you can. Enjoy them. Be with them. Hug your children; You never know when it will be the last time.”

Indianapolis Colt’s Head Coach, Tony Dungy, shortly after his eldest son, 18 year old James died of an apparent suicide.

DR. G’S COMMENTS: There so much in life that we take for granted and the younger we are, the more we’re guilty of this. It’s a sad fact of life that so many of us can’t truly appreciate the gifts that we have until we have lost them. In today’s high pressured world sports we as parents tend to lose sight of the fact that it is our son or daughter who is playing the game, and that it is just a game! There are far more important things in life than winning or losing in sports, scoring 15 points, pitching a shutout or throwing three touchdown passes. It’s our children’s health and happiness that is really important. It’s our relationships with our sons and daughters that really count, not whether they made that game costing error. Life is terribly fleeting. Our children grow up faster than is imaginable. Their heroics or embarrassments on the court or field will quickly fade. In the end, the only thing that really counts is your relationship with them. So make it count today! Be an adult and keep the games in perspective. Be a loving parent and provide your child with the unconditional support that they so desperately need. Don’t ever tie up their lovability and sense of self-worth with how well they perform in the athletic arena. Love them unconditionally today, because today is all you have right now.

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