“All skills are perfected through the process of failure. Embrace loss as a necessary part of improvement.”

Sports Psychologist, speaker and author, Jerry Lynch from Creative Coaching

The biggest secret to success is failure. You can never go from beginner to expert without failing. Failure is a very necessary part of improvement because each time you fall on your face, you learn something that’s like gold! You learn what you did wrong, and therefore, by extension, what you need to do differently next time. Don’t ever be afraid of losing! Don’t ever be afraid of making mistakes! Failing and messing up are things that we all do in the process of growing and getting better. Failure is nothing more than delayed success. That’s right! DELAYED SUCCESS! WHY? Because, failure is feedback and tells you exactly what you need to change to be successful. So don’t waste emotional energy beating yourself up whenever you fail. The only thing that will do for you is undermine your self-confidence and give you a big headache. Instead, look for what you need to change for next time. No one can get to improvement without loss. Failure is feedback and FEEDBACK IS THE BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS.

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