Too many athletes spend their time on the bench angry, frustrated, distracted and bummed out that they're not getting enough playing time (PT). They focus on the coach, how unfair the situation is and why they should be playing in front of their teammates. Being a role player and sitting the bench is the hardest position to play on any team. You work just as hard as your teammates who start, yet you get none of the glory. If you're a "pine time player" listen up! Sitting on the sidelines stewing and hoping a teammate will come up lame will not help you or your squad. Instead you have to learn to play that position to the very best of your ability. How? Keep your head in the game. Focus on the action as if you're playing. Specifically focus on executing from your position as if you were out there in the action. Get totally into the game so that if you were given the nod, you could go in immediately and be ready to play. Remember you have absolutely no control over your PT and whom the coach puts in. You do, however, have total control over your attitude and how you respond to your position as a role player. Maintain a positive winning attitude no matter what!

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