“Whenever you compete, trying harder is truly the game of diminishing returns and a losing one at that” Dr. G

DR. G’s COMMENTS: Want to be successful as an athlete? Great! All you have to do is bust your butt on a daily basis. Get in the habit of pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone whenever you train. Get used to working harder than everyone else around you. If you truly want to become a champion, then you need to understand that there is absolutely no substitute for consistent, hard work. NONE! However, once you’ve done the work and it’s now time to compete, you must temporarily put that “trying harder” mentality to bed. You must NEVER take “trying harder” into the competitive arena with you. Trying harder is a practice approach that involves pushing yourself physically and mentally. When it’s time to compete, this kind of headset will tighten your muscles, throw off your timing and ruin your performance. You must be loose and relaxed to perform your best under the hot lights of competition. The headset that you must bring into the competitive arena is a “trust and let it happen” headset. You must trust that you’ve done all the hard work. You must trust your coaching and muscle memory, and then just relax and let the performance happen. Thinking that you must “try harder” just because this is a very big, very important game will only get you pressing and “muscling” your performance. Pressing in this way will sabotage your game and rob you of your skills. Remember, when it counts the most you want to relax and let it happen, NOT “try harder.”

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