Far too many athletes out there are selfish. Far too many "team" players don't give a hoot about their team and instead are far more concerned about their playing time, their statistics, their records and what the newspaper will say about them. Unfortunately if you play on a team, then this is a loser's attitude. If you are more concerned about yourself than you are the team, then everyone will end up losing. The truly great athletes are team players. They understand that no one can win unless everyone wins. They understand that there is little room for a big "me" on a winning team. teams can't be successful without total effort from ALL members and a willingness to sacrifice the "me" for the "we." Self-centered athletes are like a cancer on any team. Eventually they will bring even the most physically talented team to its knees, performance-wise. Be a positive force on your squad. Look for what you can do to make the team better. Put aside your ego. Be a good model of the ideal team player. Commit yourself to the team's mission. Good coaches love team players. All coaches need good team players. Make that one of your strengths. Be a contributor to a strong team.

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