“Of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are your own fears.” Rudyard Kipling

FEAR = False Education that Appears Real. Fear is like an invisible fence that limits your movements and stunts your growth. It tricks you into believing that you CAN’T do something and that if you were to try, terrible consequences would follow. Fear keeps you locked up both emotionally and physically. Understand however that fear is really nothing more than just a terrible liar. That fence that surrounds and limits you is NOT electrified. It’s merely made of smoke and mirrors. The only shock that you will receive when you push beyond the limits of your fears is the surprising discovery that all this time the only thing holding you back was YOU! If you listen to the lies that come from your fears, you will go nowhere. Instead you want to get yourself into the habit of continually moving towards and challenging your fears. If you have a scary “I can’t,” go out of your way to go after it anyway, over and over again. When you do the thing that you’re afraid of the most again and again, your fear will shrink and then disappear.

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