This week’s quote is from Juan Dixon, guard for the Washington Wizards basketball team. He just completed a very solid performance in which Washington tied the series with the Chicago Bulls two games apiece in the NBA playoffs. Dixon broke a slump and contributed a career high 35 points. What most people don’t know is the dedication, determination, and sheer will he exhibited when he mentioned to reporters that he took more than 1000 jump shots before and after Sunday’s game in hopes of breaking out of his shooting woes

Dixon said “I struggled last game; I knew I would bounce back. I told coach I was going to get my act together and I wanted to come through for the team.” He further stated, “We needed someone to step up and I was able to hit some big shots. It felt great.”

Source: NY Times May 3rd, 2005, article by Dave Curtis

Dr. G’s comments:
What Dixon is sharing with you is the secret to success on and off the court, in and out of the sports arena: PURE, UNADULTERATED HARD WORK. Everyone is quick to look at a great athlete and mistake his/her skills, talent and ability for the main reason why that athlete is successful, and why you could never be like them. The fact of the matter is that hard work can overcome obstacles, make up for handicaps and deficits, and help you do the impossible. Hard work is the best kept secret to success. Why? Because it’s so obvious to figure out and so difficult to do. Ask any athlete whether he’d like to be successful and he’ll quickly respond with a “You Bet!” Ask that same athlete if he’s willing to do whatever it takes, to make the big sacrifices, put in the ultra long hours, suffer mentally, physically and emotionally through the hardships and up & downs of training, and most will then not be so quick to answer. Hard work is something that’s available to every athlete. However, only a select few will be willing to do what Juan Dixon did. How about you? How badly do you want to become a champion? How hard are you willing to work? Are you willing to pay your physical dues? Remember, the road to SUCCESS always passes through the “town” of HARD WORK. There are no shortcuts around it! There are no other ways of getting there!

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