“If you don’t stretch your limits, you’ll set your limits.”

Rob Gilbert, Motivational speaker, author of Gilbert on Greatness, Professor at Montclair State University

Dr, G’s comments:

As an athlete and person you are always limited most by what you believe you can and cannot do. Your beliefs fuel your efforts, desires and motivation. When you think that you CAN’T do something, when you set artificial limits on yourself, then your behaviors will organize around this limiting belief. You will be less likely to try new things and take risks. Your efforts will be less intense and effective. After repeated failures and frustrations, your staying power and persistence will be weak. In short, you will set yourself up to prove yourself right. You won’t be able to do it! When you believe that you CAN accomplish something, when you allow yourself to expand the realm of possibility, when you entertain new horizons for yourself even though they might stretch you and be scary, then your behaviors will organize around this expansive belief. You will be far more willing to try new things and take risks. Your efforts to pursue that new goal will be strong and powerful. When you’re repeatedly knocked backwards on your butt by failure and disappointment, you will be undeterred and get up more quickly and keep on keeping on. In the end, because you believed that you could do it, you did! Your positive belief set you up to prove yourself right.

Far too many athletes lock their potential up in artificial “can’ts.” “I can’t do that!” “That’s impossible for me.” “I’ll never be able to achieve that.” “I’m just not that good.” Etc. When you limit yourself in this way, you end up putting imaginary boundaries on what’s possible for yourself. While these boundaries may be just imaginary and “all in your head,” they are still just as powerful in holding you back as if they were real physical boundaries. Don’t allow yourself to play these kinds of tricks on yourself. You have no idea what’s possible. You have no clue what you can actually accomplish once you put your mind to it. Suspend your disbelief. Stretch your limits. Step outside of your comfort zone. Dream big! Remember, success always comes in cans, not can’ts!

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