Athletes who continually compare themselves almost always end up feeling badly about themselves. Comparison is aN endlessly losing game that you don't want to playbecause you're always going to find athletes who are faster, stronger, more talented or better than you....And if you don't, your imagination will trick you into believing that they are! Instead, get in the habit of focusing on yourself and what YOU can do, not on your teammate's or opponent's supposed strengths and abilities. If you want to build your self-confidence then you have to concentrate on your game, your strengths, your training, etc. You won't be able to truly appreciate your accomplishments if you constantly compare what you've done with what others have. Appreciate your strengths. Work on your weaknesses. Stay inside yourself. The only value focusing on someone else has is to provide you with an objective model to follow for working on your technique or improving your training. Don't evaluate your self-worth and achievements by comparing yours with theirs.

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