“Everyone thought I was crazy for changing my swing two years ago. They thought I was nuts, especially because I was winning so much. But you can never really get there. It’s a process and no matter how good you are, you can always get better.”

Tiger Woods after winning his second British Open and 10 th career Major.

Herein lies one of the primary reasons that Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers to ever play this game, he is never satisfied with success and is always looking for ways to get better. Do you have the courage to pursue excellence in this way? Would you be willing to endure the frustration and disappointment that goes along with this process? Woods knew that despite all his success, something wasn’t quite right. He took apart and then reconstructed his swing. As a consequence, he suddenly became beatable. He no longer dominated the way he had before the swing change. The critics popped out of the woodwork to tell us that Tiger was all washed up, that he just wasn’t as good anymore. That it wasn’t really very smart of him to go and change his game. Woods, however, kept working away to integrate and fine-tune the swing changes. The recent results speak for themselves: This year he won the Masters in a playoff, finished just two shots behind at the US Open and won easily at last month’s British Open. When asked after his win what he had to say to all his detractors, to the people who doubted his decision to remake his swing, he smiled and quietly said, “Why I have absolutely nothing to say to them.” Remember, no matter how good you are now, you can always get better. Don’t play it safe by clinging to what is working right now. Look for ways to improve. Go be a TIGER!

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