“I have never used steroids. EVER! I don’t know how to say it more clearly than that, Never!”

Baltimore Oriole’s superstar Rafeal Palmiero testifying under oath in front of Congress last March

Dr. G's Comments: Here we go again boys and girls, it’s Bill Clinton’s presidency revisited! So what’s wrong with this picture? Palmiero is said to be a class act and now he’s caught cheating. Mark Maguire, another class act and tremendous role model “loudly” admitted he had used steroids during his career by his deafening silence in the face of Congress’s direct questioning. Does this make him a cheater? Surely Barry Bonds has been using from all the accusations that have been swirling around him and he’s not even considered to be a class act. What about Sammy Sosa or any of all the other current day baseball heroes? Are they all really cheaters too? Is the problem really specific individuals or is it the game of baseball itself and its’ administrators and owners? What has Major League Baseball been really selling all these years in order to generate all that excitement from all those home runs? Didn’t admitted steroid user Jose Canseco claim that Maguire and Sosa’s record home run chase in the late 90’s saved baseball, and that both were definitely using the juice?

Here’s the problem the way I see it. I don’t think a lot of these ball players would have knowingly “cheated” if Major League Baseball had a solid policy on performance enhancing drugs that made it clear that ingesting them was cheating. The fact of the matter is that no such policy really existed. On top of that, there was tremendous pressure placed on these athletes to get as big and as good as quickly as possible. The result: Everyone seemed to turn and look the other way while who knows how many of baseball’s finest got even bigger and stronger from ingesting this nasty performance enhancing stuff.

Understand that any way that you slice it, taking steroids is not only cheating, it’s far worse! It’s WICKED STUPID!!!! Steroids will literally shorten your life. That’s right, boys and girls, getting big and buffed in that way will take precious years from your life span. But let’s not stop there. Steroids will seriously mess with your mind. How many young kids have already committed suicide because of the extreme depressive effects of “juice?” And let’s not forget that regularly taking steroids will make you impotent. Is all of that really worth the risk? However, back to Palmiero:

really don’t blame the ball players for using steroids until it’s been made clear that using them is indeed cheating. Thankfully perhaps that’s happening now with all this brouhaha. What I do blame them for is LYING. Palmiero got up under oath, looked everyone straight in the eyes and lied! And then when he was caught lying he tried to make a case for not “intentionally” taking steroids. Why he looked downright presidential up there! A small problem exists because the steroid that he tested positive for can only be ingested deliberately. It is not a food additive. Let’s cut to the chase! Major League Baseball has got to stop pussyfooting around. Let’s call a spade a spade. If it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck and flies like a duck, then it’s not an elephant. Steroids is cheating NOW and lying about past or present use is LYING!

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