“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” 
Will Rogers, Actor & humorist

DR. G’S COMMENTS: There’s a very simple two letter strategy that will take you to your dreams, a very common and easy-to-obtain formula for success. T.A. = DREAMS/SUCCESS. T.A. = Take action. Being successful is all about doing what is necessary to make that success happen. Without taking action you will never get out of the starting gate. Without taking action you will never fail enough and gather the valuable feedback that will progressively get you closer and closer to your dreams. Anyone can dream. What’s a lot harder to do is to follow that dream with hard work and then more hard work. The “easy” way to become successful in life is to understand the hard work that is necessary. You can learn tons of things in school and know absolutely nothing unless you take action and use what you know. You can be a great athlete and go nowhere with your sport unless you take action and work with your talents and skills. Everyone has tremendous potential. Everyone has the ability to do great things. But your potential will always remain “permanent” unless you get off your butt and TAKE ACTION.

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