“A man wrapped up in himself makes a very small bundle.” Benjamin Franklin

DR. G’S COMMENTS: One of the more attractive qualities that is lacking in a lot of today’s great athletes is modesty or humility. Far too many athletes are a legend in their own minds. They not only think that they are the greatest, but they treat everyone that they come into contact with as if this narcissistic belief were true, as if they are the second reincarnation of King Tut. Unfortunately being self-centered and egotistical as an athlete and as an individual makes you a very ugly, unappealing human being. None of us are larger than life. None of us are that good that that we are somehow better than our fellow man/woman. As the great psychologist, Harry Stack Sullivan once wrote, “We are all more simply human than otherwise.” The truly great athletes, the one with real class are genuinely modest. Deep down they may believe that as an athlete they’re the greatest. However, in their day to day interactions with others they demonstrate a respect for others and a humility that is refreshing. Remember, just because you can throw a football better than everyone else, hit a baseball further or run the 100 Meter dash faster doesn’t make you larger than life. Be a person of true character. Embrace humility and respect for others.

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