“Success in life is a matter not so much of talent as of concentration and perseverance.” 
C.W. Wendte, American clergyman/author

DR. G’S COMMENTS: It’s a simple concept and a powerful one. All success stems from one thing: PERSEVERANCE. Do you have the staying power? Can you maintain your persistence? The one thing that will get you further in life than anything else is not your brains, brawn or even talent. It’s your stick-to-it-iveness. By refusing to quit or give up, by simply continuing to just hang in there and keep working away you will ultimately be rewarded by success. When I trained in the martial arts my sensei made this very clear early on. He said to truly master karate the only thing you need do is to train regularly, week in, week out, month after month, year after year. And as I continued to do that I watched many of the advanced students who had started ahead of me, eventually drop out. Me? I’m just a plugger. I kept at it and that’s eventually what led me to that black belt. Make “perseverance” your middle name. Regardless of how many times you get tripped up and knocked down, get back up. Regardless of how many setbacks and failures you have, pick yourself back up and keep going. By keeping on, keeping on NO MATTER WHAT you will eventually bump into success.

Woods says he does not look back at what might have been. "If I did that, playing golf would drive me crazy."

By John Nestor
SportsTicker Golf Editor

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