“I cried because I had no shoes until I saw a man who had no feet.”

Author unknown

DR. G’s COMMENTS: Appreciate the life that you have. Celebrate the skills and talent that are a part of you. Be grateful for your God-given gifts, your physical body, personality, intellect, and aptitudes. Far too many of us get caught up in playing the dead end games of “the grass is always greener” and “if only I could be like Mike.” The fact of the matter is that while we are very busy distracting ourselves with all that we think we’re unhappy with, with all that we think we lack, we are blindly missing how very rich we already are. Yes, the grass may be somewhat greener in someone else’s front lawn. However, there are far more yards out there that don’t have any grass at all. Our society typically sets us up to always look outside of ourselves for our happiness. The sad fact of life is that as long as you look outward for the light to light up your life, you’ll remain in the dark. You may have physical handicaps and shortcomings as an athlete/person. You may suffer great hardships and disappointments in your life and through your sports career. Understand that these are there to make you a stronger person. These are there to hone your mental toughness and kindle your determination. Appreciate what you do have. Don’t waste energy on what you think you’re lacking. There are always those much worse off than yourself.

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