Want to play with confidence? Want to stay motivated through those tough times? If you do, then you have to get into the habit of being a good coach to yourself. What do I mean? How do think a good coach would treat you when you mess up? Would they yell at you, put you down, or embarrass you in front of your teammates? Would they tell you that you were a loser and had no talent? No way!!! Instead they'd be supportive, remain positive and encourage you. They'd build your confidence up by telling you to learn from your mistakes and then leave them behind you. They'd reassure you that you were a good player and that they believed in you. Unfortunately, far too many athletes trash themselves whenever they mess up. They are incredibly bad coaches to themselves and can't seem to understand why they end up feeling such low confidence and playing poorly. You'd never coach a teammate or best friend the way you sometimes do to yourself. Start right now being a supportive and positive coach to yourself and you'll find both your self-confidence and motivation growing.

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