“Is it going to make me feel any better to make an extra million? That million might be more important to the team.” New England Patriot quarterback Tom Brady when asked by Sports Illustrated’s Peter King why he had resigned for considerably less money than the market might have borne. Brady did it so that the Patriot’s would have more maneuvering room under the salary cap to acquire better players.

Dr. G’s comments: Tom Brady is the ultimate team player and the total antithesis of currently team- less, “me-man” Terrell Owens. Winner of three Super Bowl championships, Brady is the ultimate champion who not only makes those around him better, but knows that football like so many sports is all about “team.” He genuinely understands that his success is directly dependent upon his teammates and that without them, he is nothing. It is truly rare and refreshing in today’s egocentric, narcissistic world of professional sports and grandstanding athletes to find such a humble, level-headed and team-oriented guy like Brady. If you want to model yourself on any professional athlete, choose Brady because he is one class act with whom you can’t go wrong. When he was approached by a major credit card company to star in their commercial, he insisted on having his offensive lineman be his co-stars in this nationally televised advertisement. This humorous commercial has brought more positive exposure and notoriety to his teammates, some of whom even stole the show from Tom. He welcomed and was delighted by this. When he was recently chosen Sportsman of the Year by Sports Illustrated, Brady’s response was both predictable and unique. “I didn’t win this award being Tom Brady the person. I won it because of the way that we play football.” Again, Brady is modest, level headed and generous and is the penultimate team player.

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