“I didn’t want to fall back. But I realized it was more important to make it to the end under my own power than to run flat out in the lead or in second and then run out of fuel with a lap to go.” 23 year-old racing rookie Danica Patrick on her historic 4th place finish at the Indy 500 May, 2005

Danica Patrick is a mold breaker. She’s a pioneer. She is someone who doesn’t believe in gender limitations or what women can or can not do. Everyone knows that women aren’t supposed to professionally race cars over 225 miles per hour and they certainly aren’t supposed to be good at it. No other woman had ever led the Indy 500 or even threatened to win it up until her historic run this past year. Patrick is just one other symbolic reminder to all of us that limits of all kinds, whether gender, racial or athletic are there to be challenged and broken. There is no impossible if in your heart you believe that you’re capable of achieving something. The sports world needs more pioneers like Patrick to continue to prove all the “experts” and know-it-all among us wrong. If you have a dream and the inclination to follow it, GO FOT IT and let all the nay-sayers be damned!

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