"Games have been called the lab for the development of moral attributes, but they will not, of themselves, accomplish this purpose. They must be properly conducted by competent individuals"

James Naismith - The father of modern basketball

DR. G's COMMENTS: If only Mr. Naismith could see what kind of "competent" individuals have been put in charge of developing these "moral attributes" in today's youth. Overly competitive coaches and parents, selfishly feeding their own egos, have almost completely hijacked the game of basketball (not to mention a whole host of other sports). Instead of moral development, winning has been touted as the main goal for these games. We have allowed ourselves to sway too far from our roots and the original purpose of sports. We need to help our children have positive, life enriching experiences in sports rather than emotionally damaging ones. When the adults who run youth sports are better trained and supervised, when they get their priorities straight, then and only then can we get back to Mr. Naismith's principles.  

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