Original Mental Toughness Training Package for Basketball


Great Starter Package for strengthening your Mental Muscles!



I’ve worked with basketball players of all ages and levels, and I understand how FRUSTRATING it can be to not play your best when it counts the most.

B. has improved a lot on the basketball court. The improvement in her confidence, aggressiveness and focus has taken her game to a higher level. Most of all we are happy to see our daughter is having fun playing ball again! Thanks so much. – Basketball parents, NY

  • You play better in practice than you do in games.
  • You can’t seem to concentrate on what’s important.
  • You get psyched out or nervous before a big game.
  • You consistently get outplayed by weaker opponents.
  • One missed shot or mistake throws your game completely off.

Dr. G, Just wanted to let you know that Casey made the varsity team this weekend! She said that in tryouts, she used everything you had taught her on your basketball CDs which she has been working hard on for the last several weeks! She told me to tell you how much it had helped her. As a mom watching her previous struggles, I cannot thank you enough for your work and willingness to answer questions and I will surely include you in my list of people to be thankful for this Thanksgiving! – Jane GA

I get it. Over the past 34 years I’ve worked with basketball players around the world from professional to junior levels who have felt the same way. What if I could teach you the same mental toughness strategies I’ve used to help them reach their potential?

I purchased your Competitive Edge for basketball last Christmas. The results were stunningly good! As a parent and Coach, I firmly believe in reading and experiencing what the kids are receiving in order that I can answer their questions and understand what they are trying to do. I have to say your program is first rate! – Will, NC

  • Learn to concentrate on what’s important.
  • Master last minute negativity and self-doubts
  • Quickly let go of mistakes and poor shots.
  • Mentally prepare for your big games.
  • Learn to stay calm and composed under pressure

Dr. G, I’ve been a supporter and user of your mental toughness and slump busting program for years. I coach competitive AAU basketball for boys and girls. I can’t begin to tell you how often I refer to your suggestions. My son is 12 now and he practically knows each cd by memory and most of my teams have listened to at least part of your package. As an adjunct professor in a behavioral science department, I have access to experts in human behavior everyday. What I truly appreciate about your program is that you have reduced theory down to a very practical and usable instrument. Thanks for your contribution to youth sports. – Phil, MO

You’re ready. You spend most of your time working on the physical part of your “game,” so don’t leave this all important mental side to chance. Learn what you need to become mentally tough and perform your best under pressure.




A BRAND NEW Mental Toughness CD program specifically designed for basketball players and their coaches!



BRAND NEW! Great step-by-step mental toughness workbook designed specifically for basketball players to develop the mind of a CHAMPION!

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Original Mental Toughness Training Package for Basketball


Great Starter Package for strengthening your Mental Muscles!