Coaches’ Mental Toughness Training Package for Cheer


Developing the Mind of A Champion cheer athlete!

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Over the past 34 years, I’ve worked with cheer and gymnastics coaches around the world who want to help their athletes consistently be at their best and overcome fears, balking and lost skills. I’ve learned first hand the mental challenges that cheer coaches face while working with their athletes and trying to get them to manage their fears and perform to their potential.

My competitive cheer daughter who had been stuck on her back tumbling pass for almost a year used the gymnastics audio program you suggested and the results have been amazing! My girl is smiling again! – Tina, California

As a Cheer Coach, you want to know:

  • Why do my athletes fall apart under pressure?
  • How do I handle my frustrations with athletes who are frozen with irrational fears?
  • Why do so many athletes suddenly and mysteriously lose their tumbling skills?
  • What causes them to choke?
  • How do I help them overcome their fears?
  • What can I do to build their mental toughness?
  • How do I get their parents to work with, not against me?

My 12 year old hasn’t been able to tumble backwards since a scary fall. Before then, she was fearless! Your CDs taught her how common this problem was and exactly what to do! I can’t thank you enough! – A relieved cheer mom, Texas

I get it. You want your cheer athletes to succeed, and it can be incredibly frustrating to watch them balk and lose their tumbling skills when you know they are fully capable of doing them! I’ve worked with thousands of cheer athletes and gymnasts at every level to help them overcome these fears and blocks, stay calm under pressure and perform to their potential. I have spoken multiple times at the USA Gymnastics National Congress as well as at a number of Regional Congresses and have written extensively on the topics of peak performance and overcoming fears and blocks for International Gymnast and Technique magazines. What if I could teach you the same mental strategies that I’ve used with these cheer athletes and gymnasts to help them overcome their fears and lift the level of their performance?

Thank you Alan! My eldest daughter has benefited from your encouragement through your gym CD’s while she was overcoming fear as a younger gymnast who had to leave the sport because of her fears! She has since had a Cinderella-like story, advancing to D1 competition at UCLA and becoming the most consistent, high scoring member of her team in her final two years there! After a national championship, performing professionally with world class gymnasts on three ESPN2 specials and doing some Hollywood stunt work, and once again, against the odds, she is training to compete as an elite and hopes to compete internationally. Just thought you might like to know that one of the little girls asking you for help a few years ago, turned out okay. We are so very grateful for your help and for what you do and your programs do for others. – John, California

  • Know what to say and do with your stuck athletes to avoid total frustration!
  • Train your cheerleaders to concentrate and stay calm under pressure.
  • Teach them to master last minute negative thinking and doubts.
  • Help them control their focus before and during big routines.
  • Learn effective strategies to get parents to work with you, not against you.
  • Learn what causes balking and how to work with it!
  • Understand why cheer athletes and gymnasts develop fear-based individual performance problems and how to solve them.

I am a former Olympic level gymnast and wanted you to know that without the help of your CDs, I’m not sure I would have been able to hit when the pressure was on. I had developed weird blocks and your Gymnastics CDs helped me to develop the reputation as the most consistent and trustworthy team member. I competed on the Pan-Pac team, the World team and made the team at Olympic Trials! I now coach and have all my girls listen to your program! – Mary Beth Arnold

This package is based on my extensive experience working one-on-one with cheer athletes and gymnasts at every level helping them overcome performance their fears and blocks and perform to their potential. In it, I’m including everything I know about training mentally tough athletes and getting their parents to work with, not against you!

I want to thank you for your amazing program! Two months ago when I reached out to you, my daughter was done with gymnastics. She wanted to quit because she did not feel she would ever do her skills again. She was tired of being yelled at and tired of crying each day at the gym. Yesterday she had her meet and she placed 4th on floor with a 9.350!!!! The change that has come with using your program is astounding. She uses it not only with her gymnastics but in everything she does! – Monica, Maryland

You dedicate a lot of time to training your cheer athletes physically, so don’t leave the all important MENTAL side of your athletes’ performance to chance. This combination of audio programs and books will give you EVERYTHING that you need to develop mentally tough cheer athletes and take your team to the next level!

Includes Dr. G’s new fear busting audio series and track by track guidebook, Gymnastics With The Competitive Edge


CD or MP3 Audio


What EVERY parent and coach needs to know to help your child-athlete feel and perform like a WINNER!

This Is Your Brain On Sports
Print of PDF Book


Dr. G.’s revolutionary new book will help you beat blocks and performance fears for good!

Print or PDF Book


What every coach should know about getting parents to work WITH, not AGAINST you. Are OVER involved parents driving you to distraction?

Sports Slump Busting
Print or PDF Book


10 Steps to MENTAL TOUGHNESS and peak performance for coaches and athletes. Everything you need to know to bust slumps and get back on track!



A gymnast’s guidebook for developing the mind of a CHAMPION!



A BRAND NEW mental toughness training program for competitive gymnasts who want to overcome fears and take their performance to the next level!

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Coaches’ Mental Toughness Training Package for Cheer


Developing the Mind of A Champion cheer athlete!

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