Original Mental Toughness Training Package for Cheer


Developing the Mind of A Champion cheer athlete!

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I’ve worked with gymnasts and cheerleaders of all ages and levels, and I understand how frustrating it can be to lose your ability to tumble or not be able to perform your best when it counts the most.

My competitive cheer daughter who had been stuck on her back tumbling pass for almost a year used the gymnastics audio program you suggested and the results have been amazing! My girl is smiling again! – Tina, California

  • Are you frustrated with yourself because fear is slowing you down?
  • Have you lost skills that you’ve had for years?
  • Has everything that you’ve tried to get unstuck failed?
  • Does your concentration abandon you when you need it the most?
  • Are your fears driving you out of the sport?
  • Are you easily psyched out or intimidated?
  • Are your frustrations spoiling your fun?

My 12 year old hasn’t been able to tumble backwards since a scary fall. Before then, she was fearless! Your CDs taught her how common this problem was and exactly what to do! I can’t thank you enough! – A relieved cheer mom, Texas

I get it. Over the past 34 years I’ve worked with gymnasts and cheer athletes to help them overcome fears and blocks and perform to their potential. I have spoken at the US Gymnastics National Congress and written on the topic of peak performance and overcoming fears for International Gymnast and Technique magazines. What if I could teach you the same mental strategies that I’ve used to help cheer athletes and gymnasts overcome their fears and balking and lift the level of their performance?

Dr. Alan, I have a 10-year-old gymnast and your CD program is fantastic. She has always struggled with mental toughness but is finally getting some understanding of how to build her mental toughness up! Thanks you so much! Your audios and workbook are so helpful! My kid actually comes home from practice happy now since she’s been listening. With gratitude, – Dina, New Jersey

  • Learn the real reason why you have lost some of your skills
  • Know exactly what to do to get your skills back
  • Develop the concentration of a champion
  • Rebound quickly from bad events and disappointments
  • Learn to stay calm and composed under big meet pressure
  • Master last minute negativity and self-doubts
  • Mentally prepare for those big competitions

We purchased your Gymnastics MP3 series for my son who is a level 6 gymnast. He was completely blocked on his round off back handspring back tuck and was starting to crumble at meets. I found your CD series and downloaded it to his iPod. He religiously listened to it and I saw a weight lifted off of his shoulders when he realized that his block was real and that all kinds of gymnasts suffer from them. This past weekend, I saw a confidence in him that I have never seen. Even having just turned 9, he sat by himself concentrating on the next event, and he nailed everything to the best of his abilities! I have given his coach the links to your website in hopes that he’ll share it with the other coaches and gymnasts on the team. I’m wholeheartedly pleased with the CD’s and the completely different gymnast I saw this past weekend. Thank you so much! – JR, Indiana

You’re ready. You spend most of your time working on the physical part of your cheer, so don’t leave this all important mental side to chance. Learn what you need to do in order to master your fears and balking and perform like a champion!

What's Included



A gymnast’s guidebook for developing the mind of a CHAMPION!



A BRAND NEW mental toughness training program for competitive gymnasts who want to overcome fears and take their performance to the next level!

This Is Your Brain On Sports


Dr. G.’s revolutionary new book will help you beat blocks and performance fears for good!

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Original Mental Toughness Training Package for Cheer


Developing the Mind of A Champion cheer athlete!

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