Coaches’ Mental Toughness Training Package for Fencing


Everything You Need to Mentally Train your fencers and their Parents

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Over the past 34 years, I’ve worked with coaches around the world who want to help their fencers consistently be at their best when it counts the most. I’ve learned first hand the challenges that coaches face in the process of training mentally tough fencers.

“Doc, I’ve been coaching my boy for 6 years now and despite all his talent and skills, I knew he was always lacking in mental toughness, and I just didn’t know how to help him there! He was easily distracted, sometimes got too nervous against certain fencers and would get really down on himself after a loss. Your training program helped him settle down and focus. He has more confidence on the strip and his results show it! I recommend your program to all of my students.” Alex, TX.

Coaches want to know:

  • Why do my fencers fall apart under pressure?
  • What causes them to lose to weaker opponents?
  • How do I help them bust slumps?
  • What can I do to build their mental toughness so they fence their best when it counts the most?
  • How do I teach them to better control their pre-bout focus of concentration?
  • How do I get their parents to work with me, NOT against me?

“Coach G, Just a quick note to thank you for all of your help and your CDs. They have remarkably changed Ben’s whole approach to his fencing. No longer does he implode under the pressure of facing tougher opponents! No longer is he a nervous wreck before his bouts! It’s like he’s a different kid out there! If he has a bad result in pools, he doesn’t let it get in his head the way it used to and negatively affect his next bout. This is huge for him! I am so grateful we found your site! Even I can now relax and enjoy his fencing. Thanks!” Marty, NY

I get it. You want your fencers to succeed, and it can be incredibly frustrating to see them not going for their actions and using the skills and tactics that you’ve taught them. What if I could provide you with the same tools and strategies I’ve used to help thousands of coaches build mentally tough athletes and teams?

“Alan: Dennis did great this past weekend at the tournament in Kansas City—he placed in the top 32 for points (his first for this age bracket!). This result does not however give the full measure of his fencing that day which was superb—many people said his last bout with the #2 ranked fencer in the US was “a bout for the record books!” Even that fencer said—“Wow Dennis—where did that come from?” Although he lost by one point (15/14), his fencing was amazing. He had great control and I was so pleased to see him fencing this well. He also got lots of attention from college coaches after they watched this bout. This would not have been possible without you and your CDs. Thank you again.” Linda, NJ

  • Train your fencers to concentrate on what’s important and let go of distractions.
  • Learn what causes slumps and how to bust them.
  • Help your fencers rebound quickly from mistakes and tough losses.
  • Teach your athletes how to master last minute negative thinking and doubts.
  • Mentally prepare your fencers for big tournaments.
  • Learn effective strategies to get their parents to work with, NOT against you.

“Amazing Book! (This Is Your Brain On Sports) Purchased this book for my husband and once he started reading the book, he couldn’t put it down. He said it was fascinating and so “spot on”. My husband played professional ball and my son is currently at a Div I college playing ball. My husband said that if he knew what this book speaks of back when he played pro ball, he would have had a longer pro career. Every athlete, coach, and parent (especially father) of an athlete will benefit from reading this book.” Amazon Review

This package is based on my extensive experience working one-on-one with fencers and other athletes at every level helping them overcome performance fears and blocks and perform to their potential. In it, I’m including everything I know about training mentally tough athletes and getting their parents to work with, not against you!

“I’ve been coaching 20 years and this is one of the most versatile mental toughness training sets I’ve run across. It’s loaded with great exercises and stories that really work. I strongly recommend it to all my athletes.” Coach, Dennis, GA

You dedicate a lot of your time to training your fencers physically, so don’t leave the all important MENTAL side of their performance to chance. This combination of audio programs and books will give you EVERYTHING that you need to develop mentally tough fencers!

Though this product is not sport-specific, I’ve consistently received positive feedback from athletes in your sport about its effectiveness!


14 Steps To Mental Toughness
CD or MP3 Audio


Develop the mind of a CHAMPION! Dr. G’s most popular CDs will help you perform your BEST when it counts the MOST!

CD or MP3 Audio


What EVERY parent and coach needs to know to help your child-athlete feel and perform like a WINNER!

This Is Your Brain On Sports
Print of PDF Book


Dr. G.’s revolutionary new book will help you beat blocks and performance fears for good!

Print or PDF Book


What every coach should know about getting parents to work WITH, not AGAINST you. Are OVER involved parents driving you to distraction?

Sports Slump Busting
Print or PDF Book


10 Steps to MENTAL TOUGHNESS and peak performance for coaches and athletes. Everything you need to know to bust slumps and get back on track!

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Coaches’ Mental Toughness Training Package for Fencing


Everything You Need to Mentally Train your fencers and their Parents

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